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Taking a closer look at aloe vera in skin care

Aloe vera or Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been known for it’s healthy qualities for centuries now. The plant is related to the lily flower. The gel inside the prickly leafs is filled with healthy elements, no wonder  it’s such a loved ingredient in skin care! But what does it do for your skin and where […]


Harmful substances in your daily skin care products

Shampoo, skin care, cosmetics and deodorant: products we come into contact with on a daily basis. But these daily products aren’t all that great for us. A lot of these contain harmful substances that can seriously damage your health, because our skin absorbs part of these substances. My advice: learn to understand the list of […]


SOS problem skin: the rejuvenating ingredients by SELF

I get pictures mailed to me daily by clients with skin conditions, maybe you’re one of them. Unfortunately a lot of people have to deal with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and many of these conditions are chronic by nature. These skin conditions are permanently in your life. SELF can help treat these […]


A closer look at ingredients: vitamin C in SELF

Something we’ll all have heard of as a child is: “you have to get your vitamins in, so you get big and strong.” Vitamins are crucial to our health, but the body doesn’t produce enough on its own. That’s why having balanced meals is so important, eating your daily portion of fruits and vegetables is […]


Is natural skin care really better?

The last few years more and more companies are getting into the natural trend. They release all sorts of new natural products and even go as far as only using ingredients provided by Mother Nature. It’s a trend I can only be delighted with, as everything  you put on your skin should be edible as […]


Ingredient: fatty acids, what can they do for your skin?

Retinol and hyaluronic acid, these are the ingredients you’ll be reading a lot about lately. They are after all the most well known ingredients to stay young. Of course there are many other beauty ingredients that you’ll read less of, but are equally effective! Every month I’ll tell you about one specific ingredient. This week […]


SELF-ingredient: The power of coconut oil

Fun fact: World Coconut Day falls on the 2nd of September. Granted, it seems strange thing to grace with a day of its own, but this exotic coconut oil has had a place in many kitchens for centuries and chances are there’s something coconutty in your cabinets as well. But lately this  has been gaining […]


Taking a closer look: essential oils in skin care

More and more people are choosing for a natural style of skin care. This is something I can only encourage as I live by the principle that whatever you put on your skin, you should be able to eat, as the skin is our largest organ. Anything you put on your skin has an effect […]


Beauty from within with the best of nature

True beauty starts on the inside. You’ve probably heard that before! And actually you can go ahead and take it literally, because everything you eat and drink impacts your skin. A healthy lifestyle starts with the best skin care that leads to a healthy glow! Here at SELF we know the power of natural ingredients. […]

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