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Meet our SELF fan of the week!

Summer has passed us by and the busy holiday season is almost here. A stressful but cozy period when no one can blame you for thinking of yourself. SELF doesn’t just offer skin care products, but we feel it’s important to encourage everyone to take that little extra me time! Because we just don’t do it […]


Everyday Heroines 2018: an ode to all the strong women

A while ago I received some amazing news… Yes that’s right, I was nominated for the category Inspirational Icon of the Everyday Heroine award! This is a project by Marie Jo and Knack Weekend to bring an ode to all those strong, active women who are self-employed. They selected 9 women within 3 categories and […]


Staycation: unique and hidden gems in our own country

August is already here, time flies… Sometimes It creeps up on me how fast time flies! Life doesn’t take a break and in our busy society it’s all stress, stress and stress! Here at SELF we try to be more than skin care in a jar, SELF is a lifestyle. We want to encourage you […]


SELF buys Belgian

  Today we celebrate Belgium’s national holiday! Also known as the day Leopold of Saksen-Coburg-Gotha took the oath to become Belgium’s first King. The start of the small country known as Belgium and an important day in our history. So that means it’s a legal holiday and we can all enjoy a day off! SELF […]


Experience the time of your life at the festivals!

Summer is here and that means enjoying those rays of sunshine week in and week out. That’s gotta be enough to make anyone happy! But Summer also means the start of the festival season, a time of the year that many people are excited for. And it doesn’t come as a surprise because you can […]

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