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Taking care of yourself is so much more than just ‘me time’

Every day should actually focus on the theme love. Love for each other but love for yourself as well! We hear and read a lot about taking care of yourself. But when you think about it, me time usually comes down to taking a hot bubble bath, giving yourself flowers or pouring another glass of […]


Taking time for yourself during the holidays

Christmas is nearly here, I can hardly believe it… It’s the best time of the year, but it can get very stressful. Most people already have got all the presents ready under their tree’s and it’s almost time to get together and give them away. Is your schedule booked up with dinners and family visits? […]


The ultimate SELF – A list of reading material and programs

As an entrepreneur everyday holds something different, how I love doing this! All of my love and energy is put into SELF and in return I receive so much satisfaction out of all those lovely reviews and emails from our customers. But sometimes it’s still a necessity to take some time for yourself, even if […]


Mindfulness in everyday life

You’ll see it pop up in magazines more and more: golden tips and advice for a mindful life. Mindfulness is the word that has kept us busy for the past few years, how could it not? We live in a society that keeps putting expectations on our shoulders causing our levels of stress to climb […]


Being authentic, how can you do it?

We’ve been throwing these two words around a lot lately: ‘authentic self’. That’s just to show how strongly we stand behind them. It’s not a surprise during these times of social media… we only prefer to show the good things, just take a look around and see how many posts only refer to the best […]


Mental clean-up: how to do it yourself?

Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Like something is blocking you from being happy with the person you are and the things you do? Well the news I have for you might be shocking, the only thing stopping you from being happy is you! Believe me, a lot of times I’ve felt like […]


Loving yourself while going through hard times such as chemotherapy

SELF is more than just a product. It’s a true lifestyle, it reflects taking care of yourself. We want to encourage all women (and men) around the world to take some extra time for themselves. We strongly believe that the more you take care of yourself, the happier you’ll be. Unfortunately there are people that […]


SELF-care Sunday: Make time for yourSELF

If you are one of those people that’s continuously busy planning ahead and getting things done, you know it takes a toll on your body. Burn-outs, stress and physical aches are just some of the most frequent complaints as a result of our busy society. This is the exact reason it’s so important to grant […]

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