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Help – is there plastic in my skin care?

Did you get up this morning with a refreshing shower or did you enjoy a me-time moment with an indulgence scrub last night? If you did, especially when you used a non-natural product, you probably  flushed around 100 000 tiny plastic particles down the drain into the sewer … Many non-natural cosmetic products including scrubs, […]


Plastic-free May: living consciously with plastic

This month celebrates the second edition of Plastic-free May, organized to banish as much plastic out of our lives as we can. Simply take a look at the pollution in our oceans and beaches and you’ll realize how much plastic we’re wasting. Yet a life without plastic doesn’t seem evident: supermarkets use loads, clothing, toothpaste […]


Nearly World Animal Day: everything you need to know about cruelty-free and vegan care

On the 4th of October it’s World Animal Day, a day to show our lovely little friends some extra love. A pet gives you so much love and it’s always there for you, through thick and thin. Unfortunately not all animals have an equally good life, and there’s a lot of skin care and cosmetic […]


The packaging of SELF: Good for you and the environment

We see it more and more: plastic pollution in our oceans, mountains of garbage on beaches and illegally dumping waste on our streets, nature has a lot to endure. My heart breaks when I see these images! But luckily consumers are more aware of this problem and companies are making efforts to reduce the pollution […]

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