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How to get rid of chapped lips

Suffering from chapped lips? Winter is a hard time for every skin type. The outdoor air combined with the indoor heat can dehydrate our skin and cause lips to crack, peel and even bleed. Nevertheless, it’s not necessary to suffer from these painful lips until the start of spring. In this blog I provide you […]


The ultimate guide to treat a dry and itchy winter skin

During the winter, your skin needs an extra portion of protection. Because of the continuous switching of temperatures (inside – warm & outside – cold), freezing temperatures and dry air, we force our skin to its limits. They deplete the moisture reserves and attack the protective skin barrier, leaving your skin feeling chapped, sensitive and […]


Are you going on Winter vacation? Don’t forget about your skin care!

Vacation is coming, the time of the year people go on a Winter sport holiday. Are you going skiing soon, ready to face the mountains? Whether you choose to go to sunny Italy, beautiful Austria or another Winter destination, each trip requires preparation. Packing your bags is the most unpleasant task for many of us, […]


Winter, what does it do to your skin?

Belgium turned into a winter wonderland last week. It did cause some problems on the roads, but that’s not all of it: our skin suffers as well. It’s completely natural to turn up the heating, but the difference with the freezing temperatures outside can cause a dry and flaky skin. But how do you care […]

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