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The packaging of SELF: Good for you and the environment

We see it more and more: plastic pollution in our oceans, mountains of garbage on beaches and illegally dumping waste on our streets, nature has a lot to endure. My heart breaks when I see these images! But luckily consumers are more aware of this problem and companies are making efforts to reduce the pollution they produce. The war on waste is well and truly on! They always say the biggest bad guy in the war on waste is plastic, but did you know there’s many different kinds of plastic? At SELF we consciously chose for the highest quality and healthiest form of plastic in stead of glass. Why? Well read on and I’ll explain all about it!

Packaging made out of recycling materials

Plastic gets used for all kinds of things and there’s different kinds of plastic. To keep track of all of these forms of plastic, they’ve introduced a coded-system. Because of this it’s much easier to recognize which kinds are getting used in which products. In total there’s 7 categories, you might have already heard of PET, LPDE or PS for example, some forms are better for the environment than others. 

At SELF we only work with the best kind of recycling materials for our primary and secondary packaging. We’ve made the conscious choice to use plastic components as polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These packages are approved for cosmetics and nutrition, and they don’t contain any spores of ftalates, estrogenic materials or bisfenol A (known BPA). So you can make sure there’s no traces of harmful material in the products. Only the best for your skin!

Why this packaging?

Time to take you back to the very start of SELF! For my brand I went looking for the best and natural ingredients for our products. I think durability is very important and it’s one of our core principles. And after a whole lot of research we chose for plastic instead of glass. The recycling process of plastic is less cumbersome and requires less water, it requires less energy and less CO2 emissions. This mean all of our SELF products are recyclable! Our containers can be thrown in the PMD bag or mixed bag, and our lids can be thrown with the other waste. This way we contribute to the environment.

In the developing process of our packaging we weren’t just focused on the environment, but also on safety. You may have little children running around and glass jars can break easily. That’s why we chose plastic packaging, as it proves to be a lot safer around children.


Send us your favorite DIY ideas!

Dearest SELF-fans, I’m in need of your assistance… A lot of people have been sending me the news that they’ve been re-using our lovely containers to keep jewels and other little accessories in. I can only encourage this! That’s why I’d like to ask you to send pictures, videos or tutorials of your best ideas. It’s so lovely to see our containers getting re-used. Mail your picture/ video or other idea to

On the first of July we’ill pick our 3 favorite ideas, the winner with the best idea will get a gift card worth 50 euros and two other winners will each get one worth 25 euros. Want to get an extra chance? Feel free to share your ideas on social media using the hashtag #Mygreennaturalself.  


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