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Tackle those summer breakouts

The weather gods have been remarkably friendly in recent weeks. A gift from Mother Nature, which was especially welcome in Corona times! However, the warmer weather also has a less pleasant effect. Do you suffer from dry skin or pimples these days? You are not alone. A lot of women (and also men) get through […]


SELF is 4. Celebrate with us!

SELF is blowing out four candles this month. How much has happened in recent years! A lot of beautiful moments, but also lots of lessons along the way. I would like to take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. After two years of intensive research, I gave up my job as a psychologist […]


Exfoliating keeps your skin healthy

As we spend more time indoors, not only is our mood under increasing pressure, our skin is also experiencing quite a lot. The dry air at home and a lack of fresh outside air can dry out your skin. So I cannot emphasize enough how important hydration is, epecially now more than ever! My second best skin care […]


Dry skin from all that washing? 5 tips for healthy skin

Now that we are mostly all staying indoors and disinfecting our hands a dozen times a day, our skin is going through a hard time. The dry heating air indoors, the lack of fresh outside air, aggressive alcohol gels and the frequent washing take their toll. Every day I receive emails from customers asking me for […]


Three years of SELF: A look back on the past few years

It’s been three years since SELF became more than just a project in my head, the first jars were delivered and the first sales were made. Sometimes I don’t even realize how far we’ve come in those three years! A lot of things have changed during that time. We’ve gathered a fantastic team of 4 […]


Taking a closer look at aloe vera in skin care

Aloe vera or Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been known for it’s healthy qualities for centuries now. The plant is related to the lily flower. The gel inside the prickly leafs is filled with healthy elements, no wonder  it’s such a loved ingredient in skin care! But what does it do for your skin and where […]


Beautiful and pregnant: pure care for mommy and baby

Finally you can share the fantastic news… You’re expecting a baby! Such a special time in your life and it feels like a miracle too good to be true. That your body will go through some changes speaks for itself: hormones will play a big part and they can make it difficult for you. It’s […]


Plastic-free May: living consciously with plastic

This month celebrates the second edition of Plastic-free May, organized to banish as much plastic out of our lives as we can. Simply take a look at the pollution in our oceans and beaches and you’ll realize how much plastic we’re wasting. Yet a life without plastic doesn’t seem evident: supermarkets use loads, clothing, toothpaste […]


Surprise your mom with the luxurious Mother’s Day set by SELF

Yes! Draw a circle around the 12th of may on your calendar, because that’s the day to show your lovely mother some extra love. Mother’s day is the ideal opportunity to show her what she means to you and to thank her for everything she does. Haven’t got a clue yet on an original gift […]


Harmful substances in your daily skin care products

Shampoo, skin care, cosmetics and deodorant: products we come into contact with on a daily basis. But these daily products aren’t all that great for us. A lot of these contain harmful substances that can seriously damage your health, because our skin absorbs part of these substances. My advice: learn to understand the list of […]

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