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Day cream vs. night cream: what’s the difference?

Is there a difference between day and night creams? According to several online sources night cream is an unnecessary product because the differences in texture and ingredients are minimal. Our loyal SELF fans know we have both a day and night cream. That’s why I’d like to take a moment and tell you more about […]


The first Spring sun: protect your skin

Spring officially has started this week, time for a dance of joy! Maybe you already know this, but I love Spring and Summer like nothing else. Sunshine on my face makes me instantly happy. Obviously I don’t have to tell you that being in the sun has its advantages and disadvantages. So I’ll be answering […]


SOS problem skin: the rejuvenating ingredients by SELF

I get pictures mailed to me daily by clients with skin conditions, maybe you’re one of them. Unfortunately a lot of people have to deal with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and many of these conditions are chronic by nature. These skin conditions are permanently in your life. SELF can help treat these […]


A closer look at ingredients: vitamin C in SELF

Something we’ll all have heard of as a child is: “you have to get your vitamins in, so you get big and strong.” Vitamins are crucial to our health, but the body doesn’t produce enough on its own. That’s why having balanced meals is so important, eating your daily portion of fruits and vegetables is […]


Are you going on Winter vacation? Don’t forget about your skin care!

Vacation is coming, the time of the year people go on a Winter sport holiday. Are you going skiing soon, ready to face the mountains? Whether you choose to go to sunny Italy, beautiful Austria or another Winter destination, each trip requires preparation. Packing your bags is the most unpleasant task for many of us, […]


Taking care of yourself is so much more than just ‘me time’

Every day should actually focus on the theme love. Love for each other but love for yourself as well! We hear and read a lot about taking care of yourself. But when you think about it, me time usually comes down to taking a hot bubble bath, giving yourself flowers or pouring another glass of […]


Winter, what does it do to your skin?

Belgium turned into a winter wonderland last week. It did cause some problems on the roads, but that’s not all of it: our skin suffers as well. It’s completely natural to turn up the heating, but the difference with the freezing temperatures outside can cause a dry and flaky skin. But how do you care […]


Age is not a skin type

The question I get asked a lot is: “how do I choose the right skin care for my age?” A lot of commercial brands announce you have to fight premature aging signals and that you’re better of choosing anti-aging products. You would need different products for each age group. But is this really the case? […]


SELF receives the Beat The Microbeads logo

It’s all over the news lately, our oceans and beaches are polluted with plastic. We have to step up and do something about plastic pollution as it’s incredibly harmful to the environment and the animals can get caught up in them or confuse them with food. Meaning these particles of plastic can find their way […]


A look back on all the good things from 2018

I can hardly believe it, a new year has dawned! And with the new year, new resolutions are standard. Let’s be honest here: I’m not good at these at all. Resolutions don’t last long with me and they’re quickly replaced by the old ones I couldn’t keep. But if there’s one thing I’m going to pay […]

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