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Meet our SELF fan of the week!

Summer has passed us by and the busy holiday season is almost here. A stressful but cozy period when no one can blame you for thinking of yourself. SELF doesn’t just offer skin care products, but we feel it’s important to encourage everyone to take that little extra me time! Because we just don’t do it […]


Our very first SELF shoot!

A while ago we sent out a call for a photoshoot. But we weren’t looking for professional models, no we were looking for women of all ages that used SELF products. Let’s be honest: isn’t featuring women that truly back a brand more refreshing? Every woman has her own reasoning and story behind using our […]


SELF supports Pink Ribbon and all Heroes

October isn’t just the fresh start of Fall, but it’s the month that signifies the start of the international breast cancer month. This is the time of the year when we shine the spotlight on breast cancer awareness. An important initiative considering that about 1 out of 8 women is confronted with this disease at […]


Nearly World Animal Day: everything you need to know about cruelty-free and vegan care

On the 4th of October it’s World Animal Day, a day to show our lovely little friends some extra love. A pet gives you so much love and it’s always there for you, through thick and thin. Unfortunately not all animals have an equally good life, and there’s a lot of skin care and cosmetic […]


Everyday Heroines 2018: an ode to all the strong women

A while ago I received some amazing news… Yes that’s right, I was nominated for the category Inspirational Icon of the Everyday Heroine award! This is a project by Marie Jo and Knack Weekend to bring an ode to all those strong, active women who are self-employed. They selected 9 women within 3 categories and […]


Mindfulness in everyday life

You’ll see it pop up in magazines more and more: golden tips and advice for a mindful life. Mindfulness is the word that has kept us busy for the past few years, how could it not? We live in a society that keeps putting expectations on our shoulders causing our levels of stress to climb […]


The best care for skin problems

The skin is the largest organ. Did you know the body of an average adult has about two square metres of skin? Pretty impressive! This organ also has an important function as it protects the body against harmful external influences. So you’d do well to take care of it! But you can try your best […]


Our SELF facial routine: simple and effective

Most women have a bathroom cabinet filled with products, a cabinet you can barely close. There are just so many products on the market at the moment and finding the correct skin care routine isn’t easy! But let’s be honest: do you know what every product you put on your skin does for you? The […]


SELF-ingredient: The power of coconut oil

Fun fact: World Coconut Day falls on the 2nd of September. Granted, it seems strange thing to grace with a day of its own, but this exotic coconut oil has had a place in many kitchens for centuries and chances are there’s something coconutty in your cabinets as well. But lately this  has been gaining […]


Blazing a path towards the USA and leaving a trail of SELF love

The support from our fans so far has been amazing, and SELF wouldn’t be an award winning product without them. The praise and positive reviews we’ve received has warmed our hearts to the core and all of your stories are a true source of inspiration for us. SELF is our way to encourage the entire […]

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