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Antioxidants in skin care: what & why?

Antioxidants in skin care: what & why? An ingredient you hear a lot about nowadays when speaking about skin care, hair care, even make-up and even about the food you put in your mouth: antioxidants. You can’t imagine a world without them anymore. But what are these antioxidants, how do they work and why do […]


The INCI list of All Day Dreamer, day cream.

What is very clear to me is that the ingredient list is very transparent for each product in the web shop. So each customer can see for themselves what is in our products! The INCI list of All Day Dreamer, day cream. Because such an INCI list is not easy to read, I like the […]


Our skin … it can be frustrating!

I remember very well how my little girl was filled with big, red, dry patches. She scratched, I rubbed her with creams … she scratched more and more … I went on rubbing… In the end we contacted the dermatologist. The result: Cortisone to fight eczema. Very frustrating because you start a never ending cycle […]


Konjac sponge, your skins new best friend!

Do you know this feeling of an impure and dull skin? As if it’s lost all its brilliance? It feels dry, rough, not smooth… Just a lousy feeling. As if nothing helps to make your skin shine again… Good news, it’s just an impression! The feeling of dullness is often the product of accumulation of dead skin […]


Be good to your skin

By now, we all know natural oils in skin care products are essential to nurture our skin and keep it young and healthy. More and more, we encounter these natural ingredients within skincare lines. Self has been one step beyond the addition of one single oil; SELF is to be resumed as being just one […]


Back to basics

Back to basics’, todays’ hype. A hollow claim, on top of mind of many. What does it mean for you? Everyone’s looking for ways to resource, to get a hold on their drive again, grab the best out of themselves, trying to catch every adventure energetically with a fresh and spontaneous look on the future… […]

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