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Planned a trip? Our travel set would love to accompany you!

July is nearly here and that means Summer holidays! Every season has its benefits but Summer is secretly my favorite. Lovely weather and sunshine, but that also means taking extra care of your skin and especially when going on a holiday! Getting out there and enjoying the sunshine is good for our health, but there are […]


Happy birthday SELF!

Wow, SELF blew out two candles this month! A-MA-ZING! Time just flew by but you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun… June is our official birthday month. That’s why we’ll be reminiscing on the past two years this month, because so much has happened in such a short time. From great […]


Beauty from within with the best of nature

True beauty starts on the inside. You’ve probably heard that before! And actually you can go ahead and take it literally, because everything you eat and drink impacts your skin. A healthy lifestyle starts with the best skin care that leads to a healthy glow! Here at SELF we know the power of natural ingredients. […]


The packaging of SELF: Good for you and the environment

We see it more and more: plastic pollution in our oceans, mountains of garbage on beaches and illegally dumping waste on our streets, nature has a lot to endure. My heart breaks when I see these images! But luckily consumers are more aware of this problem and companies are making efforts to reduce the pollution […]


SELF-care Sunday: Make time for yourSELF

If you are one of those people that’s continuously busy planning ahead and getting things done, you know it takes a toll on your body. Burn-outs, stress and physical aches are just some of the most frequent complaints as a result of our busy society. This is the exact reason it’s so important to grant […]


Vote for SELF in the 2018 .eu Web Awards edition!

The word is out! It’s my pleasure to announce that SELF has been nominated for the Web Awards in the ‘Rising Stars’ category. This is all very exciting as SELF can establish itself between some big players. It would be fantastic and a huge honor to be able to receive this award!  But I’m going to need […]



The brand new #SELF lipbutter is *NOW* available! Discover everything you need to know about the latest SELF product, the Soft Luxurious Lipbalm! It took a lot of time and energy to perfect the lipbalm. But he is NOW for sale and ready to take care of your lips! I really wanted the lipbalm to be […]



At the beginning of 2017 I made some good intentions. Fast forward and OH MY GOD, it’s the end of 2017!! It was an amazing year, but what about all those good intentions I set on the first day of this new year?  MAKE SELF BIGGER AND BETTER!! Of course SELF is at the very […]



A question I get A LOT: what is the difference between the day and night cream? Why do you have to use a separate cream? Is there any difference at all? I’ll explain it all in this article! WHAT IS A DAY & NIGHT CREAM? There can be an immense difference between a day and night cream. […]



Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I don’t think so! I love Christmas and this year I made some super special Christmas Gift Sets. They’ll look amazing underneath your christmas tree. Buy them as a gift, or secretly treat yourself with an amazing SELF gift! Perfect for your mum, your brother, your sister, […]

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