Blazing a path towards the USA and leaving a trail of SELF love – Natural Self

Blazing a path towards the USA and leaving a trail of SELF love

The support from our fans so far has been amazing, and SELF wouldn’t be an award winning product without them. The praise and positive reviews we’ve received has warmed our hearts to the core and all of your stories are a true source of inspiration for us. SELF is our way to encourage the entire world to stop and take some extra time for themselves. Because taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do! 

Because of this continued and unparalleled support we have decided to expand our comfort and care across the seas and as of now our products will officially be available in the USA! Curious to discover the story behind SELF and what our products can mean for you? Well Isabelle Ulenaers, proud founder of SELF, will tell you all about it.

Founded in caring for my daughter

For those of you that don’t know the start of this wonderful tale, my daughter has experienced several skin problems from a very young age… After a long and tiring search for products that could help, being given promises each and every time how this product would take care of all her problems, we’ve been through so many disappointments as nothing worked.. 


So that’s when I took control into my own hands and decided to create a product that could provide the best possible care, protection and nurture for my daughter’s skin, as well as my own. Another important part of my vision is respect towards the environment and the natural character of our skin, so the entrepreneur in me whispered: why not create my own 100% natural product? And the idea of SELF was born! I truly hope you enjoy using our SELF products and experience your skin regenerating and glowing. I absolutely love the fact that SELF is not only a story about my daughter and me, but a story about all the people that found comfort and care for themselves with these products. Because that’s why I do it!

Care for yourSELF: 100% natural, 100% vegan and most of all, durable

Our products are made to bring out your inner-SELF beauty and contain a very high concentration of active ingredients, we only go for premium quality to guarantee that our products do in fact work. Each and every one of our products are consciously made out of 100% natural & vegan ingredients, that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your skin. They contain no chemicals, no perfumes or other nasties and, of course, are not tested on animals.


SELF spotted in Bella Media Magazine

Spoiler alert: SELF coming soon to a Bella Magazine near you! You’ll be able to find SELF in the September-October edition of Bella Magazine. Cover girl Lori Loughlin is an American actress and model we all know from her role as Rebecca Donaldson- Katsopolis from Full House. She recently discovered some SELF-love herself! Our appearance in Bella Media Magazine means SELF is taking its first steps towards the USA, but that won’t be our only destination.. Stay tuned!

Bella Media Magazine

Questions? Eager for more information? Well don’t be shy and send me an e-mail at 

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