Planned a trip? Our travel set would love to accompany you! – Natural Self

Planned a trip? Our travel set would love to accompany you!

July is nearly here and that means Summer holidays! Every season has its benefits but Summer is secretly my favorite. Lovely weather and sunshine, but that also means taking extra care of your skin and especially when going on a holiday! Getting out there and enjoying the sunshine is good for our health, but there are some dangers you should be aware of and that’s why skin care is crucial! Have you booked your Summer vacation yet? Be sure to remember to bring our travel set along, it contains all of our lovely products for a full skin care routine! Interested in learning why the SELF-travel set is perfect to bring with you on a holiday? Well I’ll tell you all about it in this blog post!

Your compact SELF-ritual

Packing your suitcase can be a tricky thing sometimes, because how do you decide what items you’ll actually need and what to leave at home? And if you’re travelling by plane there’s countless rules you’ll have to follow… Certain items aren’t even allowed in your suitcase and of course there’s the weight limit to keep in mind. Travelling can be fun, but it can be exhausting as well… Dragging all those stuffed suitcases behind you! 

One tip I can give you: leave all those big, clunky beauty products and bags at home. They weigh a lot and take up way too much space. Here at SELF we’ve designed a compact travel set with all our natural products for the full SELF-ritual experience. This way you’ll have all of your favorite products in one bag and you’ll save on weight. The bag is made out of 100% bio cotton and contains the following products:

  • 10 ml Daycream All Day Dreamer
  •  10 ml Nightcream All Night Starlight
  • 10 ml Facial Lotion Boost Of Freshness
  • 10 ml Facial Scrub Boost Of Oxygen
  • 30 ml Bodybutter Fine Delicate
  • 30 ml Bodyscrub Fine Deluxe

Summer skin care tips

Every season calls for adjusted skin care, as you only have that one skin to last a lifetime you have to care for it as best you can! Any type of skin care should be in function of the type of vacation you’re going on. That’s why I’m sharing several tips to get you and your lovely skin through the Summer holidays!

1. Hydrate your skin

Have you booked a beach holiday this year? Then you’ll be dealing with a lot of sun and warm weather that’ll dry out your skin. After sunning on the beach or at the swimming pool it’s important to take a cooling shower as salt and chlorine are very harmfull for your skin. While showering, you can enjoy using our facial and body scrub to remove any dead skin cells. And after it’s the perfect opportunity to use our Fine Delicate Body Butter to nourish your skin!

2. Remember the sunscreen

The sun plays a huge part in the aging of your skin and overexposure to the sun can lead to certain types of cancer. That’s why it’s important to apply sunscreen regularly with at least a factor 30, or for very light skin even SPF 50. The products from SELF don’t contain any SPF, that’s why it’s important to use the right sunscreen. But be aware that whatever factor you use, no sunscreen can protect you a 100% so be sure to avoid the sun in the hours around 12:00- 16:00.


3. Taking care of a sunburn

Even if you apply sunscreen regularly, you can still get a sunburn. If this happens make sure to stay out of the sun and drink lots of water. Hydrating is very important, on the inside and the outside. That’s why our body butter is ideal! It’s a mild and soothing cream that helps restore your skin, due to the high amount of antioxidants it contains!

SELF loves reviews

Do you know what makes me so happy? When I receive lovely reviews from our customers that are incredibly happy with our products. And SELF-lovers often post a review on our website after they’ve tried out our products, including our new travel set!

EVA P.: “Perfect for the self-fan on vacation. No more thinking, all your favorite and crucial products in handy little containers in a cute bag. To be fully prepared for the holidays I’ve also got a luxurious lipbalm. The holidays can begin!”

JOYCE R.: “Thanks to the samples I’m fully convinced of these products. They are very effective and nice products. The scent isn’t too strong and very pleasant. Due to my job as an airhostess I spend a lot of time on airplanes and in other countries. So this travel set is super easy to bring my SELF products along. They’re compact but still last longer than you’d expect. I’m also loving the design. That’s why I can recommend these products and the travel set for people that are on the move a lot. This way you’ll have all your crucial products within reach and your skin gets the care it needs!”


Where are you going this Summer?
Enjoy yourself and don’t forget your SELF-travel set!

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