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Why doesn’t SELF have serums?

If certain brands or magazines should be believed, a serum is a necessity in your skin care routine. According to several sources a serum is more concentrated than a cream, while others proclaim there is no noticable difference between the two. This only creates more confusion and as a customer you can’t even tell what’s best for you anymore! A lot of you ask me how come SELF hasn’t created a serum yet. Something I would love to shed some light on that topic for you today!

The difference between a serum and a cream

So is a serum truly better than a cream? Let’s be clear about this, the answer is no! The difference between a serum and a cream is all in the texture: a serum is thinner and lighter. Both usually contain the same active ingredients and have the same effects on your skin.

But what is a fact is that a serum does contain higher doses of concentrated active ingredients than your average cream. So safe to say a serum’s price will be a bit higher as well, while you’re getting a lesser amount of product. This is a statement on the actual quality of the available creams on the market…. A lot of creams promise to work miracles but they usually contain a smaller amount of concentrated active ingredients. Such a shame!

SELF contains a high concentration of active ingredients

I can hear you thinking: why not add a serum to SELF’s product range if they’re that good? Well SELF’s creams already contain a high dose of concentrated active ingredients so in truth we don’t need to create a serum. When I found out my daughter was suffering from eczema I went searching for a natural product that could provide her with the help she needed. But this only ended in disappointment… You would be amazed at how small the concentration of active ingredients is in some products by well known brands. That’s where I wanted to be different with SELF: our products contain high doses of concentrated, natural active ingredients.


Tip: check the list of ingredients

By the way, there are serums out there that promise a lot but actually don’t contain any active ingredients. I can’t stress it enough, if you want to be certain you should check the list of ingredients!

At the beginning the research requires some extra work but after a time you’ll get used to it and know exactly what each ingredient does. There are still brands out there promising you miracles and after seeing the list of ingredients you may end up being disappointed. 


Keep it simple

The biggest mistake we can make? Using to many products. You can end up spending a fortune on expensive products, but using more products doesn’t equal better results. Actually it’s the opposite, using more active ingredients can increase your chances on having an allergic reaction. Besides your skin doesn’t need all of that! Believe me, less is more applies to skin care as well. Another tip I can give you: stick to a simple skin care routine. Pay attention to the two most important steps: cleansing and hydrating. At SELF we have such a routine and our products are suitable for every skin type.

Both in the mornings and evenings I cleanse my face with our Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion. After that you can use the All Day Dreamer day cream or the All Night Starlight night cream and you are all set. Our creams make sure your moisture levels stay on point and they protect your skin from external influences. So, a serum isn’t any better than a cream but it’s all down to the active ingredients.

Have any more question about skin care? I’d love to answer them through team@nauralself.eu


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