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All-Night Starlight | Night Cream – 10ml

Nourishing night and eye cream that hydrates and restores and combats the first signs of skin aging.

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All-Day Freshness | Deodorant Cream – 10ml

Natural deodorant cream that neutralizes odors and guarantees long-lasting freshness. For a day without worries!

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All-Day Dreamer | Day Cream – 10ml

Hydrating day cream that protects your skin from harmful external influences. The cream contains the nutrition the skin needs.  

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Boost of Freshness | Facial Lotion – 10ml

This lotion removes sebum, impurities and (waterproof) makeup without damaging or drying out the skin barrier.

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Boost of Indulgence | Facial Mask – 10ml

Intensely nourishing face mask that deeply moisturizes and fights wrinkles. Instant glow treatment mask!

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Boost of Oxygen | Facial Scrub – 10ml

Gently removes dead skin cells and impurities and nourishes and repairs the skin.

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Softening Shea Butter | Soap Bar

Rich shea butter-based soap bar that deeply nourishes and restores skin.

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Sample Discovery | Set

This set introduces you to SELF’s natural skincare from head to toe. Treat your skin to the most gentle, effective and loving care.

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