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Love Yourself Coffee Mug

The Love Yourself Coffee Mug, the perfect way to start your day with some well-deserved me-time.

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Body-Love Gift

Gift a magical me-time moment and treat someone to the luxurious SELF body set.

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Hair Wrap Bamboo Towel

Ultra-soft and absorbent hair towel for reduced hair breakage and radiant locks.

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Self Care Luxury Set

The box contains the Boost of Indulgence Facial Mask, the Facial Treatment Brush and the Self Spa Hairband for a luxurious moment of indulgence.

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Boost of Indulgence Facial Mask Mini

Intensely nourishing face mask that deeply moisturizes and fights wrinkles. Instant glow treatment mask!

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Sparkle Kit

The perfect selfcare gift packed in a loving box.

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Empower Giftbox

The Empower Giftbox is the ideal gift to pamper someone who’s fighting against cancer. The box is filled with nourishing and safe ingredients to restore the skin.

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Little Self Gift

A small gift for pure indulgence, including 2 bestsellers.

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Texture Hair Comb

Must-have when suffering from damaged hair and to prevent frizz.

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