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The ultimate SELF – A list of reading material and programs

As an entrepreneur everyday holds something different, how I love doing this! All of my love and energy is put into SELF and in return I receive so much satisfaction out of all those lovely reviews and emails from our customers. But sometimes it’s still a necessity to take some time for yourself, even if you lead a busy life. That way you can give your body and mind the rest it needs to give it your all the following day! Let’s turn off that smartphone, get comfy in the couch and grab a good book. That’s why I’ll be giving you my list of personal favorite books and programs to kick off your well deserved SELF-time.

#1 Bossy Magazine

Okay it’s technically not a book but it is the very first Belgian magazine specifically for those entrepreneurial women. Brand new, as the first edition was only launched this year, but it was an immediate success. So I had to do everything in my power to get a hold of one of these editions! After reading it I was truly impressed, the magazine has some rich content as it’s filled with interviews and articles about genuine entrepreneurs. That’s exactly why Bossy Magazine is my number one choice in this list, and it sure is worth it!

Dorien Camps is the power source behind this magazine. I had the honor to meet her during our lovely afternoon with Marie Jo, in collaboration with Knack Weekend. Such a great day to be surrounded by powerful ladies, I told you all about it in one of our previous articles.


#2 Hygge- Marie SØDerberg

Getting cozy under a blanket, lighting some candles and pouring a lovely glass of wine: oh how I love these cozy nights! During the days when it gets dark so fast, I just love making the house that little bit cozier. In Denmark they actually have a word to describe this: hygge. A word that doesn’t have a literal translation but simply put it’s a cozy way of living. The Danish are one of the happiest people in the world and that might just be because of all that hygge.

In this book Marie will teach you all about hygge, how to obtain it and how to enjoy it. It shows you to appreciate the little things in live, those moments we tend to forget. Happiness can be in a good book, a laugh or a cozy moment with the family. From this day forward we’ll all have to make some time for hygge!

#3 New Girl

Let’s be honest: bad days can and will happen, but that’s why there’s feel good series that put you back into a cheerful mood! New Girl is a series that can placed in that category, believe me: after one episode that smile will have put itself back onto your face! In this series Jess has just come out of a bad break-up and decides to move in with three male roommates, and that’s when the hilarity starts. A true feel good series, perfect for a night of binge watching. How I enjoy this!

#4 La casa de papel

Have you got Netflix? Then you will have undoubtedly heard of La Casa De Papel. At the moment there’s two seasons available and the third one is on it’s way, perfect marathon material! This show is written for you if you’re into criminal drama’s. It’s about a group that’s hatches a plan to rob the Spanish Royal Coin. Obviously that would require a good scheme by a professor, the brains behind the operations. We get both the point of view of the robbers and of the policemen, which makes it that more exciting. A top show!

#5 Must-see: A Simple Favor

Besides series I also appreciate films driven by a good story. In September you could have seen A Simple Favor on the big screen, a mystery with a dash of humor. I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, but I can already recommend it! Because I never say no to mystery and humor! Featuring Anna Kendrick in the role of Stephanie, a mom that tries to get her vlogs of the ground. Her son is friends with Nicky, and that’s how they meet Emily (played by Blake Lively), a mysterious and gorgeous woman. When Emily disappears under strange circumstances, Stephanie does everything she can to find her friend back

Have you got any other books or movies you feel everyone should have read or seen? Be sure to let me know!

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