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People who suffer from a sensitive skin

Last van een gevoelige huid?

Characteristics of sensitive skin

  • You suffer from redness, irritation, and dryness.
  • Your skin feels painful.
  • Your skin burns, itches, and feels tight.

In sensitive skin, the outer skin layer is damaged. A proper functioning of this layer is essential for healthy skin. After all, the outermost layer of the skin consists of lipids – the “cement” of the skin cells – which keep the skin in balance, regulate moisture, and provide elasticity and firmness. If the protective outer layer is damaged, the skin loses moisture, and irritants and bacteria can penetrate. Sensitive skin is often the result of dry skin, but it can also be inherited. Environmental factors also play a role.

The power of SELF products

What can our active ingredients do for you?

  • Vitamin F is rich in essential fatty acids, which provide hydration and repair dry, rough skin.
  • The high concentration of fatty acids protects the skin against dryness and other extreme conditions and has a restorative effect.
  • Complex fatty acids such as allantoin and cinnamic acid help to keep the skin healthy and beautiful and strengthen its barrier function, as does Vitamin E.
  • The sterols present retain moisture in the skin.
  • High doses of polyphenols (antioxidants) fight free radicals.
  • Ferulic acid increases the effectiveness of other vitamins, reduces enlarged pores, and stimulates collagen production.
  • Vitamin A ensures cell renewal, in combination with vitamin E it is a golden duo. They stimulate collagen and the elasticity of the skin and thus combat ageing. Vitamin E also strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Salicylic acid reduces flakes, redness and softens the outer skin layer.
  • Lauric and capric acid form the skin’s natural protective layer. They have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Vitamin B ensures the production of the essential building blocks of the skin.

Did you know that…

Chemical soaps dry out your skin

If you suffer from sensitive skin, it’s best to wash your body with a mild soap without chemical ingredients. Harsh soaps will dry out the skin even more and cause irritation.

Our Fine Delight Hand & Body Wash is known for its gentle yet thorough cleansing. The formula contains a unique combination of rich essential oils that provide your skin with long-lasting, intense moisture.

Hand & Body Wash

How can you take care of sensitive skin?


  • Mildness and care
    With the right habits, you can bring your skin back into balance. Use gentle, natural skincare products that restore the outer layer of the skin and balance moisture.
  • Adopt a simple skincare routine
    Less is more. Stay away from complicated 10-step protocols and take care of your skin with carefully selected products that really make a difference.
  • Extra care during winter
    The seasons also play a role in the condition of the skin. In winter, the skin has a hard time and often reacts sensitively. Give it some extra love.


  • Aggressive products
    Aggressive products with chemical additives and alcohol stimulate the skin and damage its acid mantle. Not a good idea!
  • Foaming soaps
    Foaming cleansers damage the skin barrier even more. Cleanse your skin with a mild cleansing milk and rinse with lukewarm water. Gently pat your face dry. Rubbing hard will only stimulate sebum production.



SELF is officially recognised worldwide as a vegan brand by Vegan Society. From the seeds in the field for growing certain ingredients to the cleaning of the pipes, no animal products are used during the entire process.


We’re proud to say that all our products have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and achieved an irritation score of 0.00! This proves that our products are just as gentle as we claim them to be.


SELF’s entire range is Halal certified. Both animal products and alcohol are strictly avoided during our production process. No alcohol is used in the ingredients and all equipment is cleaned with alcohol-free plant-based cleaning agents.

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