De beste verzorging voor de probleemhuid

The best care for skin problems

The skin is the largest organ. Did you know the body of an average adult has about two square metres of skin? Pretty impressive! This organ also has an important function as it protects the body against harmful external influences. So you’d do well to take care of it! But you can try your best and yet not everyone can be blessed with a healthy skin. When there is a disturbance in the skin barrier it can result in severe skin problems such as acne, rosacea or eczema. And those skin problems call for an adjusted care, that’s why I’ll be telling you all about the best possible care for eczema, couperose and rosacea!

The origin of skin problems

First things first: before selecting your skin care routine, it’s important to know the origin of your skin problems. As previously stated, skin problems are a result of a disturbed skin balance. Leading to a loss of moisture and an increase in irritations and bacteria entering the skin and your skin can show signs of infections. Due to a dysfunctioning skin barrier, adjusted skin care is extremely important.

But how does a dysfunction in your skin barrier occur? Well it can have several origins so it’s hard to pinpoint one cause! Often times it can be very simple things. Such as showering or bathing using water that’s too hot, the use of aggressive skin care or cosmetic products and perfumes, overexposure to the sun, stress. Genetics do play their parts as well. But what can you do to deal with skin problems? I’ll tell a little more about eczema, rosacea and couperose.

Eczema, what is it?

Eczema is the skins inflammatory response and one of the most prevalent skin conditions. Did you know that 10 – 20% of children and up to 6% of adults have to deal with eczema at one point in their lives? A pretty high number if you ask me, but for those among of that have to deal with it right now: don’t worry, you’re not alone by a long shot! Eczema is the result of a dry skin. And due to the eczema, the skin will lose extra moisture and fats, that are naturally present in your skin.

Eczema comes in many different forms. The origin and severity can differ, but there is usually a common factor. One of the most common forms is constitutional eczema, otherwise known as atopic eczema. When suffering from constitutional eczema your skin is overly sensitive. Your skin will react quickly to all sorts of stimuli!


Eczema can be very annoying to say the least and there are a lot of pesky symptoms you have to deal with. Due to the irritating stimuli and bacteria entering the skin an inflammatory response can occur. This can lead to further irritations and make the skin feel extra itchy. Other signs can include red spots, dryness and flakiness. Because of the increased itchiness, children will usually want to scratch more, but this could only lead to aggravated symptoms, so avoid this at all costs!


Rosacea and couperose

Rosacea and couperose: two skin conditions that often get mixed up, but there is a difference between both of them. When the skin is couperose-sensitive this means that the blood vessels are dilated and extra visible. It’s usually red in color but can also turn purple or even blue. The symptoms are often times visible on the cheeks and nose. You may have seen it before: a healthy red color when blushing, but when suffering from couperose, this red color is permanent.

When suffering from inflammation on top of these dilated blood vessels, that’s when we’re talking about rosacea. So these two conditions have a lot in common, suffering from couporse can in fact lead to rosacea. With rosacea the coloration is usually even brighter and the skin is extremely sensitive. The exact origin of rosacea isn’t known, but what is certain is that some factors could aggravate the symptoms.

Provoking factors

When dealing with rosacea or couperose it’s important to avoid any provoking factors. There are certain triggers that can aggravate symptoms and you should avoid these to limit the symptoms to a minimum. Generally speaking this means avoiding hot showers, caffeine and alcohol. Another important point is protecting the skin against the sun when going out, as overexposure to the sun can worsen couperose. These types of skin can’t deal well with differences in temperatures or heavy winds. Another well known culprit: stress! When leading a busy life you’ll have to deal with stress on a daily basis, and this is an important factor when dealing with rosacea.

So does this mean you can’t do anything anymore? Not at all! Every skin is different and you should find out for yourself which factors worsen your symptoms and which don’t. That way you can avoid suffering needlessly when dealing with changes in temperature or taking hot showers! So I’d advise you to keep a list and keep an eye open for your triggers.


Care for skin problems

There are several skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, couperose, rosacea… One thing is certain: they all call for adjusted skin care. I founded SELF when I got the news that my daughter was suffering from eczema. You always want the best for your children and that’s why I went looking for a product that actually works. There are products specifically designed to treat couperose, eczema and other skin conditions, but most of the time they’re very aggressive. After loads of promises and products that didn’t work I decided to wake up my inner entrepreneur and figured “why not create my own product?”. And that’s how SELF was born!

SELF is designed for skin problems. These skins need care on a daily basis, that’s essential. SELF is 100% natural and contains ingredients that have a proven benefit and are specifically selected for their advantages for your skin. They contain shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia butter, aloe vera and argan oil that strengthen the skin’s barrier. SELF has in no way been tested on animals and is fully vegan.

Be advised: the use of SELF may not guarantee a cure or absolute improvement for eczema or other skin problems. It’s not a wonder cure, but it can offer relief and help the skins restoration process.

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