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Are Self products greasy?

Are our products greasy? Absolutely not! Very often people think that they are greasy because they contain a lot of oils. This ensures that our products are rich, but this is completely different from greasy, on the contrary! The purpose of our SELF products is that they are quickly absorbed to intensely nourish the skin.

Self's products are 100% natural, what does this mean?

This means that our products do not contain any synthetic additives. We work exclusively with natural preservatives, no perfumes, healthy alcohol, vegetable oils...

Are the products also 100% organic?

Natural products are not the same as organic products. "Bio" is not a protected title. The same applies to the term "natural". Any producer can claim this, even if it is incorrect. Hence the motivation to launch SELF, because our products are really 100% natural and this is not just a false claim. In order to speak of an organically grown ingredient, the grower must be able to provide a certificate. Such a certificate is not cheap. At SELF we are always looking for growers who work organically and organically, but they do not always have the certificate. We believe it is important to work according to the rules of organic cultivation, but we also understand that not all growers can afford this audit.

Is natural better?

Just because a product is natural does not mean it is necessarily better. What you should pay particular attention to is the percentage of active substances contained in the product. You can check this with the ingredients list, also called the INCI list. You can still apply a natural product to your skin, but if it contains hardly any good substances, it will do nothing good for your skin. In addition, the composition of the ingredients is very important. Certain substances make a good team, but if you have different healthy substances that don't match, then it obviously won't work. Some ingredients break each other down and others reinforce each other. SELF is packed with ingredients that form a perfect team and strengthen each other's effect. If you look at the long term, natural care is in most cases much better for the skin. Traditional skin care often contains up to 550 different chemicals that are usually toxic to the skin. These synthetic ingredients can confuse the endocrine system and even lead to various diseases including cancer. So choose natural and mild products for healthy skin.

Some products contain alcohol. However, I have read that this can dry out the skin?

Indeed, many natural products use alcohol and often a “bad” alcohol that dries out the skin. At SELF we use a "healthy" alcohol, a fatty alcohol. You can also find this in the INCI list. This alcohol is not harmful at all and will not dry out your skin. With natural products, always pay attention to which form of alcohol is mentioned in the INCI list, so that you do not use products that can dry out your skin.

Have your products been tested on animals?

SELF loves bunnies. Animals are for cuddling, not for testing. SELF does not conduct any form of animal testing, not for production, development or quality control. We also do not instruct third parties to do this.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

All our products are 100% vegan.

Are your products suitable for babies & pregnant women?

YES! The SELF products have been specially developed because the founder herself was confronted with her daughter's eczema skin! The products were also always tested on her. They are 100% safe for babies, newborns and also for pregnant women!

Should I use different products depending on the season?

What your skin needs does not only depend on the season but can differ from day to day. That is why it is important to check the condition of your skin daily. Is your skin drier? Then you have to lubricate more often. Does she feel restless before? Then skip the scrub and opt for the mild cleansing. Do you have more pimples? Then you need to clean a little more thoroughly and perhaps use the scrub just a few more times. So taking a good look at yourself every day is a must! From now on you have the ideal excuse to stand in front of the mirror a little longer and enjoy your SELF moment!

When will I see results from my new products?

When you start using new products, your skin needs some time to get used to it, which can take up to 2 months. You will certainly feel it is different, especially with natural products. Your skin may feel a bit dry and tight at first, this is because you no longer use products that contain petroleum. Your skin will therefore have to produce fats itself again. After a few weeks, your skin balance will be back on track and your natural sebum production will be normalized again. Even though your skin feels tight, it does absorb the healthy and intensely nourishing ingredients. It is like water on a very dry earth. After a while you will notice that your skin has completely recovered!

Do I need an eye cream?

An eye cream can often be a commercial extra for a brand: the facial products contain too few active and often irritating substances, so a milder cream is developed for the eyes. But there is actually no need for a separate eye cream. The skin under your eyes is thinner and requires a mild cream, but this also applies to your entire face. Your face has no need for aggressive substances. A good, mild cream is perfect for your face and eye contour. Our SELF products are packed with cell-stimulating ingredients, in both our day and night cream, and they will certainly tackle those crow's feet!

What is a good facial cleanser?

Properly cleansing the skin is essential, both in the morning and certainly in the evening before going to bed! But be careful, cleanse with mild and gentle products that do not irritate or dry out your skin! A facial cleanser that foams contains aggressive and drying ingredients that damage your skin barrier. Cleanse your skin with a mild, milky cleanser that also contains oil and rinse afterwards. It sounds crazy, but the oil dissolves dirt and bacteria without drying out your skin! A cleanser with oil is also highly recommended for combination or oily skin, as oil attracts oil!

How do I best care for my skin during and after exercise?

Exercising and sweating is certainly not bad! By sweating you excrete waste products and exercising gets your blood flow going, both of which are good for your skin! I always exercise without make-up. After exercising, I take a shower and then hydrate my skin extra with our nourishing body butter. I also clean my face straight away in the shower with our mild facial cleanser so that all the sweat is certainly washed away. After the shower I provide the necessary hydration with our All Day Dreamer day cream. This will bring your fluid balance back to normal! And of course drink enough during and after exercise, because your skin needs hydration: on the inside and on the outside!

Can I be allergic to natural products?

Yes, you can be allergic to anything, including natural ingredients. Just because an ingredient comes from nature does not mean it is necessarily good for the skin. Certain substances can irritate and damage the skin. That's why I recommend always testing new products on the inside of your elbow, so you know whether you are allergic to the product. The ingredients of SELF are macadamia, argan, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera and mandarin and geranium oils. All ingredients have a safe effect, but if you are allergic to one of these substances, a reaction may occur. So always test the products on your arm first.

Do I need products that contain SPF?

It is not recommended to use a product that already contains SPF, it is best to apply SPF separately after the cream. Why? Because SELF must penetrate the skin and SPF does not and because you always have to adjust SPF depending on the weather and seasons. So always choose a separate day cream and sunscreen.

Why should I not use toner?

A toner, you read a lot about it. According to many sources, it is the must-have to clean your face, but at SELF we are not fans of it. A toner contains far fewer cleansing ingredients and consists mainly of water. The toners on the market usually also contain a high dose of alcohol and this only dries out the skin! In addition, some toners only contain a very small dose of good ingredients, which means they simply dry out your skin and provide no nourishment. At SELF we have a mild cleansing milk with a double effect. She cleanses the face by removing sebum, dirt and make-up and the pure oils will nourish the skin at the same time.

Is it best to choose skin care based on your age?

Every skin needs healthy nutrition and moisture, both young and mature skin. But we often choose our skin care products based on the skin, so if you believe many skin care brands, you have to take your age into account. This is certainly not true, it is especially important to look at your skin type! Do you have dry skin, oily skin or is it a combination of the two? SELF is suitable for both young and mature skin because the products provide nutrition, protect against external influences and intensely hydrate. So age plays absolutely no role! Mature skin can specifically use the night cream because this formula works even more intensively on fine lines, stimulates cell renewal and minimizes moisture loss.

Packaging and refill

Aren't active ingredients lost more quickly in a jar?

The myth says the following: active substances are lost faster in a jar than in a tube. According to some sources, when substances such as antioxidants or vitamin C come into contact with oxygen, the effectiveness of these ingredients decreases. In addition, bacteria can more easily get into the jar because you are in it with your fingers. This information is incorrect. All active ingredients of SELF are subjected to various tests, through these tests they check whether the active ingredients cannot deteriorate and whether the formula remains stable. In skin care, stable vitamins are used that are not converted into an active form by oxygen, but by the skin enzymes in your skin. In other words: the vitamins remain stable until you apply it to your skin. Secondly, it is absolutely not true that a tube or pump is better than a jar. You must close both packages and the active ingredients continue to work. In addition, tubes and pump bottles can become clogged and you will never be able to get the leftovers out properly. It is also a wrong idea that pots are a breeding ground for bacteria. Yes, bacteria will certainly end up in your jar, but that also happens with the cap of a tube or a pump. Bacteria are everywhere, including on your favorite pump. Before you start panicking and disinfecting, don't worry because this can't hurt at all! There are already billions of bacteria on our skin and we constantly come into contact with bacteria. Just think of the door handles, your keyboard or mobile phone, they are full of bacteria. With our SELF bamboo spatulas you can now apply the cream to your skin without having to put your fingers in a jar.

Which packaging materials does Self use?

Our products consist of natural ingredients, which is why it is important to use materials that provide the right protection. We work with recycled materials, both for primary and secondary packaging. The primary packaging is airtight. We use plastic components such as polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These contain no traces of phthalates or emollients, estrogen-like materials or bisphenol A, also known as BPA. Naturally, the packaging was approved as primary packaging materials for cosmetics and food products. In other words, there is a guarantee that no substances are transferred to the product in the packaging. We have consciously chosen not to work with glass, because glass is less ecological and is also less safe in the bathroom. Read more here.

Are the packaging refillable?

At Self, sustainability comes first. To reduce our and your ecological footprint, we offer ecological refills for day cream, night cream, deodorant, body butter, body scrub and body wash.

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