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Skin care without compromises

Our products do what they promise and contain only natural ingredients that ensure effective results and give your skin intense radiance. At Self we have only one goal: to help you move forward with effective, safe skincare! Promise! Are you curious about honest feedback and the most incredible before and after photos from other Self-lovers? We are happy to show it to you!


Result in 6 weeks


Results in 2 weeks

Dry skin

Result in 1 week

Chris's story

"I've tried so many deodorants but never found what I was looking for."


For Zeynep the salvation for her acne spots

We met Zeynep in the autumn at the estetika fair in Brussels. She had been struggling for years with stubborn acne spots that wouldn't go away. When she heard our story and saw the impressive results, she decided to give our facial lotion and night cream a try. After just 4 weeks she sent us these amazing before and after photos. What a pleasure to really be able to help people! How nice to really be able to help people!


Camille decided to try Self first before starting cortisone.

We couldn't believe our eyes when Camille sent us these incredible photos. Her son suffered from eczema, tending to psoriasis and just when she wanted to opt for the "easy fix" cortisone, someone recommended the body butter. In five days and applying it three times a day, the skin had almost completely recovered.

Body butter

So glad I discovered Self's products. This mask is truly a pure treat for my face! It immediately soothes and soothes and afterwards my face is super soft and comfortable! A real me-time moment.

Recommended! I suffered from atopic eczema after surgery and this body butter helped me control the eczema and itching.

Very pleasant mask for the skin. I used this after my skin cancer was corrected with plastic surgery. This mask has ensured that the skin has healed nicely and has become more smooth.

For years I suffered from atopic eczema, the dermatologist prescribed me dozens of cortisone creams... But thanks to Self's night cream, I get up every morning with soft skin.

Eczema face
Eczema body

I didn't go out without make-up, but since Self I have.


Lucinda developed extremely dry patches around her eyes for no apparent reason. She tried antibiotics, cortisone and countless creams and ointments, all of which only worked for a short time and often stung and made her eyes water. When she heard about Self on TVL, the local Limburg channel, she decided to order a package.

Thanks to the combination of our facial lotion, night cream and facial mask, her skin was finally soothed and the eczema disappeared.


Pain, itching and sleepless nights, but the body butter brought improvement.


A distraught mother and a daughter with extreme skin rashes. Nothing worked... After all kinds of cortisone creams and a lot of patience, her daughter's skin did not improve. Pain, itching and sleepless nights continued. As a final cry for help, she asked the question openly on Facebook: "Who knows what to do? Who has tips?" Self was mentioned several times, and full of hope Ellen decided to contact us. Two weeks later we received stunning before-and-after photos. Although the skin had not yet fully recovered, the difference was immense.