Dit effect heeft alcohol op je huid

The Effect of Alcohol on Your Skin

A dull complexion, tightness, and red patches… After a night with one too many drinks, your skin usually doesn’t look its best. It’s okay to indulge (we also love a...

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Hoe verzorg je de huid bij kanker?

How do you care for the skin during cancer?

Unfortunately, cancer is something that affects us all in some way. There is a real chance that you or someone close to you will have to deal with it at...

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Weet jij hoe je een masker het beste aanbrengt?

Do you know the best way to apply a mask?

Apply a mask to your face and doze off in the bath for twenty minutes with the bathroom door locked. Is there anything more wonderful than such a little moment...

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Wat is Clean Beauty? En is het te vertrouwen?

What is Clean Beauty? And can it be trusted?

Have you ever heard of the term Clean Beauty? At a time when more and more people are becoming aware of their bodies, this term is appearing more and more...

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Verjaardagstaart: klassieke flantaart

Birthday cake: classic custard tart

Every year we traditionally share the favorite cake of one of our colleagues. This year it is Dorien's turn, the power lady behind Self who ensures that everything runs smoothly....

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Refill, reuse, reduce: lief voor je lichaam & de natuur

Refill, reuse, reduce: kind to your body & nature

Did you know that the global beauty industry produces more than 120 billion packages per year? We know... it's a bit of a shock to read! From perfume to makeup...

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Geef je huid een opkikker na de zomer

Give your skin a boost after the summer

Sun, beach, sea (and rosé 😉 )… Over the past few months we have really enjoyed the sun, the fun activities and the warm feeling. But unfortunately all beautiful songs...

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Maak je huid herfstklaar

Prepare your skin for autumn

This gray period is always the time when we start to adjust our skin routine a little. The summer months are behind us, and so it's time for some small...

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Skincare do’s & don’ts tijdens je zwangerschap

Skincare do's & don'ts during your pregnancy

During your pregnancy your body undergoes a metamorphosis. Your hormones are running at full speed and that can cause skin changes. Give your skin the right care. This way you...

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HELP: ik heb last van een jeukende huid tijdens mijn zwangerschap

HELP: I suffer from itchy skin during my pregnancy

Are you suffering from itchy skin? Don’t panic! About 20% of pregnant women experience some form of itching during pregnancy. Itching, like other physical ailments, is a typical side effect...

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5 voordelen van de Soft Exfoliating Scalp Brush

5 benefits of the Soft Exfoliating Scalp Brush

The hair trend of 2023? Pampering your hair with a Scalp Massage Brush, a brush that treats your scalp to a gentle peeling and relaxing massage. From TikTok to the...

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SOS probleemhuid: de herstellende ingrediënten van SELF

SOS problem skin: SELF 's restorative ingredients

Dagelijks krijgen we foto’s en mailtjes toegestuurd van klanten met huidproblemen, misschien ben jij er wel eentje van? Spijtig genoeg krijgen steeds meer mensen te maken met huidproblemen zoals eczeem,...

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Salicylzuur, top voor je huid en acné

Salicylic acid, great for your skin and acne

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another, dull skin with blemishes and blackheads getting in the way of that healthy glow we all long for. Today I am...

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Stoom je huid klaar voor de zomer

Steam up your skin ready for summer.

It is important to take time for yourself. You need to rest at appropriate times, get the right nutrition in, and fresh air is also important. All of these are...

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Weer last van acné? Je bent niet alleen!

Suffering from acne again? You are not alone!

Acne as a teenager, it's like it's part of puberty. But if you are suddenly confronted with acne as an adult, you usually don't feel good about it. Whether you...

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Waarom je best heel het jaar door zonnebrandcrème smeert

Why it's best to apply sunscreen all year round

Smear, smear, smear … we all know that unprotected sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer. But did you know that these blissful warm rays also age our skin?...

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Waarom gezichtsolie je verzorgingsritueel naar een hoger niveau tilt

Why facial oil takes your skincare routine to the next level

Facial oils have been trending in skincareland for a while now. A lot of SELF-lovers asked us when we would finally launch such an oil. Yet we didn’t jump on...

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Bakuchiol in skincare, een nieuw wonderingrediënt

Bakuchiol in skincare, a new miracle ingredient

In addition to our five main ingredients, we are continuously looking for the best and gentlest ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy. The newest ingredient on our radar? The powerhouse Bakuchiol!...

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Heb jij soms last van vervelende geurtjes onder je oksels? We got you!

Do you sometimes suffer from unpleasant odors under your armpits? We got you!

As women, we sometimes suffer from odors and sweaty armpits... nothing to be ashamed of, but did you know that this often occurs due to the use of chemical deodorants?...

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Last van een droge winterhuid? Zo pak je dat aan: SELF to the rescue!

Do you suffer from dry winter skin? This is how you go about it: SELF to the rescue!

During winter your skin needs extra protection. The dry outside air and cold temperatures push your skin to the limit. They deplete moisture reserves and damage the protective skin barrier,...

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Verjaardagstaart: Oma's bresiliennetaart

Birthday cake: Grandma's bresilienne cake

Every year we immerse you in our top birthday cake inspiration. This year you will receive Ils' favorite recipe, our logistics power lady. Meet the classic bresilienne cake, a cake...

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Tijd nemen voor jezelf tijdens de feestdagen

Take time for yourself during the holidays

It's Christmas, I can hardly believe it...It's such a pleasant period, but honestly, it's a busy period for many. Fortunately, the stressful gift giving season is already behind us for...

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Zo werk je je to-do lijstje in 1.2.3 af!

This is how you complete your to-do list in 1.2.3!

December is known as a busy month. All the presents have to be bought, Christmas dinners have to be prepared and at the same time you have to finish everything...

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Lief voor de planeet én je huid: 6 redenen waarom je beter een soap bar koopt

Kind to the planet and your skin: 6 reasons why you should buy a soap bar

Soap bars are the beauty trend of 2022. Not surprising, because a soap bar has nothing but advantages. Wondering why a trendy soap bar should not be missing in your...

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