Druk op de pauze knop!

Press the pause button!

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner! Super fun and maybe you will also take a few days' holiday around Christmas. Shall we all use those moments together to press the pause button, just for ourselves? To enjoy #SELF time, the things you do for yourself, to reflect on the beautiful period of the year. And then be ready to tackle 2017!


We live in a culture where everything has to move forward, everything and everyone is busy busy busy. Yes, me too. And sometimes there really is ABSOLUTELY no shame in just doing nothing.

Do you also have such a hard time doing nothing? Do you also see that laundry basket full of laundry in the corner of your eye? Or do you also think about what else you could do? Try to forget it. Indeed, it often takes some effort to slow down, to teach yourself to do nothing, but you will see, even if it is only a short period of doing nothing, you will feel a lot better afterwards. Doing nothing is pure #self-care!


Of course, you choose that all by yourself! Fill up the bath, bring out your finest products and create an at-home spa for yourself. I do that on time too! A warm bath, together with my favorite Self scented candle and I just take some time to relax, sometimes to think and go over my week or think of beautiful moments. I really try not to think about work, even though my lovely SELF products are on the rim of the bath! Then I treat myself to an extensive hydration session with the SELF Fine Delicate Body Butter, get dressed and then I can take on the world again.

But maybe you prefer to just lie quietly on the couch, cover yourself with a blanket, close your eyes and take some rest. Definitely a recognizable and often oh-so-needed break that new moms long for!

Pressing the pause button doesn't have to take long either. Sometimes I just take a quick break when I'm standing in front of the school gate to pick up my daughter. Then I'm a bit early and have to wait a while. No problem. I then put my smartphone and work aside for a while and take a moment for myself. I would prefer to have a coffee on the go!

So don't forget to take a break during the pleasant, but often busy holidays. And of course also something that you should take with you to 2017. Your first goal of 2017 has already been set: take a break and schedule some SELF-time!