Anise salt

Sodium Anisate

This natural wonder drug, extracted from anise plants, provides powerful antimicrobial protection and acts as a super efficient preservative. No more worries about unwanted bacteria or fungi; with Sodium Anisate your favorite skincare product stays fresh and safe, without harmful synthetic additives. Choose radiant skin and protect our planet with the power of anise salt!


  1. Natural Preservation:
    Sodium anisate is a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives, making it ideal for those looking for pure, chemical-free skin care products.
  2. Powerful Antimicrobial Properties:
    It provides effective protection against bacteria and fungi, extending the shelf life of products and ensuring user safety.
  3. Suitable for Sensitive Skin:
    Thanks to its mild and natural origin, sodium anisate is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, without causing irritation.


  1. Naturally Originating:
    Sodium anisate is extracted from anise plants, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for skin care products.
  2. Solubility:
    It is highly soluble in water, making it easy to incorporate into various types of cosmetic and personal care formulations.
  3. pH-regulating:
    Sodium anisate helps regulate the pH of products, making them more compatible with the skin's natural pH and improving the effectiveness of other active ingredients.