Baking soda

Sodium Bicarbonate

Discover sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda! This versatile miracle product is your secret weapon for healthy, radiant skin. From removing dead skin cells to neutralizing odors and soothing irritations – sodium bicarbonate does it all. Add this natural ingredient to your skincare routine and enjoy a pure and fresh feeling, without harmful chemicals. Choose radiant skin with the power of baking soda!


  1. Natural Exfoliant:
    Sodium bicarbonate is a gentle yet effective exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores. This results in fresh and radiant skin without the aggressiveness of chemical exfoliants.
  2. Neutralizes Odors:
    Thanks to its natural odor-neutralizing properties, sodium bicarbonate is ideal for use in deodorants and bath products. It helps eliminate unwanted odors without the need for synthetic fragrances.
  3. Soothing for the Skin:
    It has a calming effect on the skin, making it perfect for relieving irritations such as itching and redness. It can help soothe skin irritations from insect bites, sunburn and rashes.


  1. Alkalizing:
    Sodium bicarbonate has an alkalizing effect, meaning it can help balance pH levels. This makes it suitable for neutralizing acids and softening water, which is beneficial for both skin and hair.
  2. Water soluble:
    It is completely soluble in water, making it easy to integrate into various cosmetic formulations such as bath salts, facial masks and toothpastes.
  3. Mild Antiseptic Properties:
    Sodium bicarbonate has mild antiseptic properties that can help prevent infections and promote healthy skin. It can be effective in treating minor cuts, insect bites and rashes.