Jojoba wax

Jojoba Esters

Jojoba Esters, from the jojoba plant, deeply nourishes and supports the skin's natural recovery process. This wax protects against dryness and weather influences, while keeping the skin soft and supple with a protective moisture barrier.


  1. Deep Hydration: Jojoba Esters provide intense hydration and help retain moisture, leaving the skin soft and hydrated without leaving a greasy feeling.
  2. Soothing Properties: These esters help soften and soothe the skin, reducing irritation and redness. They are ideal for people with sensitive skin or skin problems such as eczema.
  3. Skin repair: Jojoba Esters support the skin's natural recovery process and help improve elasticity and firmness. This makes the skin smoother and more youthful.


  1. Naturally and Biodegradable: Jojoba Esters are derived from the jojoba plant and are completely biodegradable, meaning they are environmentally friendly and leave no harmful residues.
  2. Non-comedogenic: These esters do not clog pores, making them suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone skin. They help keep the skin balanced without causing breakouts.
  3. Multifunctional Use: Jojoba Esters can be used in a wide range of cosmetic products, from facial creams and lotions to lip balms and makeup. They improve the texture and stability of products, while at the same time nourishing and protecting the skin.