Sodium Levulinate

Sodium levulinate, the natural protection that keeps your natural skincare products fresh and long lasting. With its soft, skin-friendly formula and sustainable origin, sodium levulinate fits perfectly with the philosophy of natural skincare. Enjoy a refreshing and worry-free skincare experience, every day!


  1. Natural Preservative:
    Sodium levulinate acts as a powerful natural preservative, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, while maintaining the integrity of natural skincare products.
  2. Soft and Skin-friendly:
    It is mild and non-irritating to the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Unlike some synthetic preservatives, sodium levulinate rarely causes allergic reactions or skin irritation.
  3. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly:
    Sodium Levulinate is extracted from renewable vegetable sources and is biodegradable, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for natural skincare. It helps to reduce the impact on the environment without compromising the effectiveness of the product.


  1. Antimicrobial Action:
    Sodium levulinate has antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in natural skincare products, preserving their freshness and quality.
  2. Compatibility with Natural Ingredients:
    It is compatible with a wide range of natural ingredients and formulations, making it easy to integrate into natural skincare products without affecting their natural properties.
  3. Stability and Security:
    Sodium levulinate helps improve the stability of natural skincare products by protecting the formula from microbial contamination, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the product throughout the entire period of use.