Texture | Hair Comb
Texture | Hair Comb
Texture | Hair Comb

Texture | Hair Comb

  • Detangles the hair without damaging it
  • Against fluff and frizz
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The Texture Hair Comb was uniquely developed to gently detangle your hair without damaging it. The coarse teeth preserve the texture of your hair and prevent the model from being combed out. For a super-smooth look without frizz or fly-aways.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Must-have for preventing damaged and split ends
  • Against fluff and frizz

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How to use?

Wet hair: use the Texture Hair Comb in combination with our Self conditioner to distribute the balm through your hair and comb afterwards.

Dry hair: perfect for styling your hair without damaging it or causing frizz.

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