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Skincare for men

The needs and wants of a men's skin

The male skin also needs quality ingredients and nourishing products to keep the skin barrier healthy and vital. Contrary to popular belief, men’s skin has specific characteristics and texture that differ from women’s skin.

Suffering from oily skin? You’re not alone!

The hormone testosterone determines the characteristics of male skin and gives it a different structure to female skin. Every skin is unique, and every situation is different. However, men tend to have more oily skin and suffer from impurities and acne. This skin ailment is a direct result of increased sebum production, which is often hormonally determined.

A shiny face requires appropriate care. Aggressive products damage the skin even more and can stimulate the production of sebum in oily areas. So don’t use them! Always use mild products and make sure to exfoliate your skin every week.

Get rid of acne and blackheads

Boost of Oxygen Facial Scrub

This scrub works wonders for oily T-zones and acne-prone skin. The facial scrub with rice grains and natural essential oils gently removes dead skin cells and impurities while nourishing and repairing the skin.

  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Counteracts textured skin and congestion.
  • Vitamin C reduces acne.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin during and after shaving?

A fresh, clean-shaven face is a must for many men to start the day with confidence. Unfortunately, this ritual often results in irritated skin with red bumps as a consequence. The face can feel dry, tight, and rough and can overreact to external influences such as the sun, wind, or cold. Do you want to avoid this?

  • Cleanse your skin daily with a mild facial lotion
  • Moisturise afterwards with a nourishing day cream or restorative night cream
  • Jonas K.

    Great scrub - my impurities and acne are really gone! I really notice results!
De nachtcrème van Self zorgt ervoor dat ik geen last meer heb van een pijnlijke huid na het scheren. Super product. Ik ben héél tevreden. - David B."

Male hands suffer a lot!

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