Summer skin care – Natural Self

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize again!

Sunscreen: I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it for a long time. Of course I knew all too well how important it is to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. But at the same time, I did not feel comfortable to rub myself from head to toe with products packed with artificial ingredients that […]


Tackle those summer breakouts

The weather gods have been remarkably friendly in recent weeks. A gift from Mother Nature, which was especially welcome in Corona times! However, the warmer weather also has a less pleasant effect. Do you suffer from dry skin or pimples these days? You are not alone. A lot of women (and also men) get through […]


The first Spring sun: protect your skin

Spring officially has started this week, time for a dance of joy! Maybe you already know this, but I love Spring and Summer like nothing else. Sunshine on my face makes me instantly happy. Obviously I don’t have to tell you that being in the sun has its advantages and disadvantages. So I’ll be answering […]


Planned a trip? Our travel set would love to accompany you!

July is nearly here and that means Summer holidays! Every season has its benefits but Summer is secretly my favorite. Lovely weather and sunshine, but that also means taking extra care of your skin and especially when going on a holiday! Getting out there and enjoying the sunshine is good for our health, but there are […]

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