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Why your skin needs antioxidants


Skinalism: finally, a beauty trend which really works!


These are the products that you can and cannot find in my bathroom!

This is one of my most frequently asked questions. Lots of people want to know which products the owner of a skincare brand recommends and which ones she doesn’t. That is why I lined them up for you! NEVER Spot treatment pads They seem to work perfectly on short term, but don’t be fooled. These […]


Help – is there plastic in my skin care?

Did you get up this morning with a refreshing shower or did you enjoy a me-time moment with an indulgence scrub last night? If you did, especially when you used a non-natural product, you probably  flushed around 100 000 tiny plastic particles down the drain into the sewer … Many non-natural cosmetic products including scrubs, […]


Start to Sponge: reasons why the konjac sponge deserves a spot in your bathroom

If you are in love with vegan and sustainable beauty, the konjac sponge will become your favorite beauty item. Never heard of this miracle sponge? I provide you with 5 reasons why this a real value in your beauty routine. Konjac Sponges are the secret to the radiant and flaweless skin that eastern woman are […]


A healthy skin starts from within

Nutrition is a hot topic. Intermitting fasting, vegan, keto, … magazines are filled with information about nutrition. It is a good thing that we evaluate what we put in our mounts, but why are we not critical about the ingredients we lubricate on our skin? After all, … A healthy skin is the foundation of […]


Are you suffering from acne? You’re not alone!

Contrary to popular belief, acne is not age-related. It’s a skin condition that both young and old struggle with. The cause? An unbalanced skin barrier! Oily skin, acne, blackheads, … are usually symptoms caused by a malfunctioning skin barrier. The skin lacks nutrition, causing it to become unbalanced and to produce extra sebum. When sebum […]


How to get rid of chapped lips

Suffering from chapped lips? Winter is a hard time for every skin type. The outdoor air combined with the indoor heat can dehydrate our skin and cause lips to crack, peel and even bleed. Nevertheless, it’s not necessary to suffer from these painful lips until the start of spring. In this blog I provide you […]


The ultimate guide to treat a dry and itchy winter skin

During the winter, your skin needs an extra portion of protection. Because of the continuous switching of temperatures (inside – warm & outside – cold), freezing temperatures and dry air, we force our skin to its limits. They deplete the moisture reserves and attack the protective skin barrier, leaving your skin feeling chapped, sensitive and […]


Cherish the people you love

The most wonderful time of the year As the holiday season kicks off, it is safe to say Christmas this year may look a bit different. Nevertheless, with flickering light, glistering snow, steaming hot cocoa by the fire, there’s no doubt that December 2020 will be a truly magical time. This year the Christmas season […]