De houdbaarheid van je beautyproducten!

The shelf life of your beauty products!

The shelf life of your beauty products!

Do you always get the itch in the spring to start tidying up and... you-know-what, spring cleaning? Good idea, and don't forget the contents of your bathroom cabinet! Because all those beauty products obviously don't stay nice and fresh and fruity forever. Shall I help you with some tips?


The very first tip is the easiest: does it no longer look good, has the product lost its original texture, does it stink? Immediately into the trash!! You don't want pots with too many bacteria and fungi on your skin!

There is also a general rule: ​Every beauty product has an indication on its packaging that shows you how long you can use a product once opened! The symbol you should look for is an open jar with a number above it. That number indicates the number of months the product can be kept after opening. Isn't there a jar on it? Then you will undoubtedly find a real expiration date on the packaging.

Of course – even taking the symbol into account – I always use common sense. Sometimes a beauty product has been taken on holiday or has been lying around in your handbag for months... Not ideal conditions for your beauty product and so I always keep my very first tip in mind: look at the texture, color, scent, etc.


Products in jars usually have the shortest shelf life. Logically, the product is exposed to light, air and bacteria. That's why I always recommend using products from a jar with a spatula or cotton swab and not going in with your fingers. Don't have a spatula? We can always send it along!

For products on a natural basis, i.e. using natural preservatives, you must also be careful not to exceed the expiry date - because these have a shorter shelf life than products with preservatives. Other facial products with preservatives, such as moisturizers, cleaners, foundations, often have a shelf life of up to a year after opening.

It is best to replace Mascara every three months and you really shouldn't take too many risks with this. Unfortunately, an eye infection is no fun and you can easily avoid it by replacing your mascara on time. You can use other eye products such as an eye pencil (which you will sharpen) for a year. Disinfecting every now and then is great!

Liquid eyeliner and lip gloss fall into the same category: 6 months shelf life!

You can even keep Eyeshadow and other powders for a year and a half. They are dry products and have an easier shelf life.