Een vegan lifestyle? Zo begin je eraan!

A vegan lifestyle? This is how you start!

Vegan is hip and everywhere. And yet vegan is much more than just another fad.

Choosing vegan also means living life more consciously. You think more about what you put on your skin, what clothes you wear, what you put in your mouth – or all three J- and try to avoid animal products. Whatever step you take and no matter how small it is, by By choosing plant-based you are certainly contributing to a better and healthier planet. Even if you're not ready to completely eliminate meat from the menu!

Would you like to choose vegan more often, but you don't know where to start? Some starter tips at a glance.

Take it easy

Want to switch to vegan overnight? It doesn't have to be that drastic. By working towards your goal in small steps, it is easier to persevere. For example, do you like to eat spaghetti? Then experiment with vegan chicken pieces or minced meat. Don't just leave out meat, but replace it with a plant-based burger, beans or lentils. Do you like eating dairy? Then try a plant-based version!

Feet under the table

Are you not yet sure whether vegan food is something for you? Slide your feet under the table and discover the vegan cuisine at the restaurant. Did you know that Brussels' Humus x Hortense was voted the best vegan restaurant in the world? Here you can enjoy food at a high level in an enchanting setting.

Dessert fans should visit Madam Bakster 's coffee house in Ghent. Here you will find healthy, sugar-free and vegan treats. To lick your thumbs and fingers!

In Antwerp, Murni is a true paradise for vegans, but also for those who eat flexi, veggie or gluten-free. From morning to evening you can enjoy fresh dishes. The beautiful location in the former coach house of Den Brandt Castle is an extra plus.

Does it have to go quickly? At Foodmaker you will find a lot of ready-made vegan treats.

Vegan mode

Immediately throwing out all your leather, wool or silk clothing is not really the most environmentally friendly solution. When hunting for new items, it pays to look for items without animal materials. Fortunately, there are many hip vegan brands. The French VEJA has been making cool sneakers from organic cotton, fair trade rubber and vegetable tanned leather for years and also has an extensive vegan range. Shoe lovers will certainly find a vegan pair to their liking in the extensive range of the Belgian webshop . For the most beautiful backpacks, bags and gadgets made from cork, go to Captain Cork : 100% vegan and Belgian.

Spread consciously

Did you know that many ingredients in cosmetics are of animal origin? Consider, for example, carmine (a dye in the abdomen of lice), keratin (a protein found in nails, hooves, horns, claws, beaks and feathers) and beeswax. Cosmetics giants also often use exotic animal ingredients in their skin care products! Squalene, or shark liver oil, is a 'popular' ingredient in moisturizing creams. Not at SELF ! We choose 100% natural and vegan every day, and have done so since the very beginning. Because we believe that no animal should suffer to make us more beautiful and because we believe that the best ingredients for radiant skin come from Mother Nature.

Be critical

Manufacturers have also seen that the demand for vegan is high. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the regulations so closely. Sounding promises such as '100% natural' and 'vegan' do not always turn out to be true in reality. That does not make conscious choice any easier. Fortunately, there are some useful tools. These three recognized labels provide guidance. You can read more about it here . We are very proud that all SELF products carry these quality labels! Our products are 100% animal-friendly. From harvesting our ingredients to cleaning the production lines: we ensure that no animal product is needed anywhere.


Vegan is also indispensable in the world of books. Nathalie Meskens recently launched her 'Plan Vegan' and Martine Prenen also inspires with her books and on www.martineprenen.beHappy reading!

So, hopefully these tips inspire you. And remember: you don't have to give up meat completely or become firmly vegan to choose skin care that does not contain any animal products! At SELF we don't like unnecessary guilt!

Our natural products provide intense care for your skin and are kind to the planet and all its inhabitants. So win-win!