Ga je op wintervakantie? Vergeet je huidverzorging niet!

Are you going on Winter vacation? Don’t forget about your skin care!

Vacation is coming, the time of the year people go on a Winter sport holiday. Are you going skiing soon, ready to face the mountains? Whether you choose to go to sunny Italy, beautiful Austria or another Winter destination, each trip requires preparation. Packing your bags is the most unpleasant task for many of us, what in God’s name do you bring with you? And will you have enough room for all of your clothes and skin care products? At least I can offer you a solution for the products: our Travel Set is compact and would love to accompany you on your travels!

Is applying creams really necessary in Winter?

I can give you a simple answer: yes it’s important! We all know the sun can be harmful, but combined with cold temperatures and wind this is even worse. This is exactly what you’ll find during Winter holidays: you can get easily burned due to the snow reflecting the sun’s light and the cold temperatures can damage your skin’s barrier. The results? A dry and flaky skin. So apply your creams!

During Winter you’ll have to pay extra attention to protecting, restoring and hydrating your skin. This way you’ll make sure to avoid damage to your skin’s barrier and keep it nice and healthy.

The Luxury Travel Set: all our products in a handy size

Skin care products take up a lot of space and we tend to leave the big packages at home. Yet it’s important to take care of your skin and our Luxury Travel Set can help you out. Our set contains the following products in travel size:

  • 10 ml Day Cream All Day Dreamer

  • 10 ml Night Cream All Night Starlight

  • 10 ml Facial Lotion Boost Of Freshness

  • 10 ml Facial Scrub Boost Of Oxygen

  • 30 ml Bodybutter Fine Delicate

  • 30 ml Bodyscrub Fine Deluxe

The products are best used in both the mornings to protect the skin against the cold outdoor air, but in the evenings as well as a spoil-yourself-moment. Because who doesn’t love that after a tiring day!

Our facial routine

Every routine starts with a deep cleansing, so that your day and night cream can do their jobs. Our Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion is a mild cleansing milk that’s even suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyes. It removes dirt, impurities and dead skin cells with every use. Cleansing is incredibly important, because it removes what’s left of the sunscreen.

Now it’s time for our Boost of Oxygen Facial Scrub. You may be thinking: “can I use a scrub with a dry skin?” Yes, absolutely. It can’t damage you and it’s actually quite important. It’s a misconception that you shouldn’t scrub a dry skin, this is because there are a lot of aggressive scrubs on the market at the moment. They contain large grains that can damage the skin. SELF’s facial scrub is mild and 100% natural. The small grains of rice remove dead skin cells and contains plant based oils that provide nutrition for your skin.

Last but not least: our All Day Dreamer day cream and All Night Starlight night cream. Two rich creams that protect, restore and nurture the skin. SELF consists of macadamia, shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil, coconut and mandarin and geranium oil. These ingredients form a powerful team and reinforce each others effects. They’re known for their restoring and antibacterial effects.

Psst: don’t forget about your lips! Our Soft Luxurious Lipbalm is suitable for the lips’ sensitive skin and gives you that comfortable and soft feeling. Gone are the days of chapped and split lips!


Care for your body

Rough hands and dry body skin, it’s annoying but everyone has to go through it now and then. Just as the facial skin, your body needs hydration and protection. You can do this with the Fine Deluxe Body Scrub and Fine Delicate Body Butter. Just like the Facial Scrub, our body scrub removes dirt and other impurities and the plant based oil leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Our body butter hydrates the skin and is the ideal after sun. The cream contains aloe vera which reduces irritation and soothes the skin.


Extra tips

– Don’t forget to take care of your lips as well as your skin by applying creams several times a day. Choose a separate day cream and SPF, because the ingredients found in SELF need to be absorbed by the skin and SPF doesn’t.

– Taking a hot bath after a day of skiing is just heaven, but heat can dry out the skin. So try to keep the baths to a minimum and apply the body butter and night cream at once.

– Drink plenty of water, we all know how important that is!

Have you got any more questions about the dry winter skin? Or would you like more information on any of our products? Be sure to send me a mail at