Hoe verzorg je de gemengde huid?

How to care for a combination skin

Do you know your skin type? It’s a difficult question to answer as there are up to five types of skin: ranging from dry, normal, fatty to sensitive or combination. The skin is also influenced by dozens of external factors such as stress or the weather. Still, it’s important to be aware of which type of skin you have and which type of skin care is right for you. Combination skin is the most common skin type, so that’s why I’ll be telling you all about what a combination skin type is, how to care for it and which ingredients you need to be on the lookout for!


What is a combination skin?

Actually it’s pretty self explanatory: a combination skin is a combination of different skin types. The cheeks appear normal or dry and the skin is flaky. The T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) on the other hand often appears oily with large pores and acne. A shiny skin is such an annoyance! The fatty parts of the skin are caused by an overproduction of tallow, while the dried out parts lack lipids.

Because you’re dealing with several types of skin, finding the suitable type of care can be very difficult.


The causes of a combination skin

Genetics play a big part in a combination skin, meaning you can be born with this type of skin. Besides that a change in hormones, such as in pregnancy or during the menopause, it can have an incredible influence on the skin. Aggressive products can also have a hand in causing this type of skin. Products that contain irritating ingredients can cause the skin to dry out and stimulate the production of tallow.



An adjusted skin care routine

The combination skin can be a huge challenge, as every type of skin needs adjusted care. You have to make sure dried out cheeks don’t lose their moisture and the T-zone needs soothing ingredients. Luckily an adjustic skin care routine can sooth and control the skin. Generally there’s two big steps in the skin care process:

1. Cleansing

You’ll need to careful when removing impurities and fat in the T-zone, but you have to rehydrate dried out cheeks. So you’re better of choosing for a mild cleanser that doesn’t contain any SLS, as foaming products will only dry out the skin even further and affect the protective layer on the skin.

The Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion by SELF is suited to cleanse the face without affecting or drying out the skin’s barrier. The 100% natural facial milk will remove tallow, make up and impurities, it’s mild formula suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Ingredients such as macadamia, shea butter, aloe vera, coconut and argan oils will provide nutrition for your skin.

To cleanse the T-zone you can use our scrub up to once a week. Be careful: aggressive scrubs can damage the skin, you’re better of choosing for a scrub based on fine grains and nutritious ingredients. The Boost of Oxygen Facial Scrub is mild, the grains of rice will remove any dead skin cells and impurities, while the oils provide the skin with nutrition. So you can cleanse, hydrate and protect that pesky T-zone.


2. Hydrating and protecting

After cleansing the skin it’s important to hydrate and protect it. You’re better of choosing for a rich day and night cream stuffed with antioxidants, restoring and soothing ingredients. SELF contains restoring ingredients such as allantoin which stimulates the healing process, Vitamin E, which helps restoring the skin and sterols and polysaccharides that soothe the skin. Besides that our products are also filled with essentials fats that hydrate the dry skin.

SELF’s day cream and night cream is suitable for each type of skin. They will protect the skin during the day and during the night against all types of external influences and offer optimal nutrition.


Additional tip:

Did you know that a fatty skin can be the consequence of a shortage of moisture? With a combination skin it’s very important to drink plenty of fluids to make sure the skin remains hydrated!


Do you have any further questions about your type of skin or our products? Feel free to contact me at team@nauralself.eu and I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can! Want to try our products? You can now order XXL samples , in this way you can first try it before purchasing the full size products.