Huidverzorging kiezen in functie van je leeftijd? Niet doen!

Choosing skin care based on your age? Do not!

Have you also gone through your bathroom cabinets with a coarse brush during this period? I notice that many friends are busy with the big spring cleaning. Hundreds of euros worth of care products end up in the trash because they are expired or not approved. Shame, right?

Of course, everything starts with choosing the right care products. A big mistake that many make? They are blinded by their age. I do understand it. We all dream of youthful, radiant skin and cosmetic giants are more than happy to respond to this. Bold advertising messages and extensive (expensive!) anti-aging lines promise to fight gravity and wrinkles.

But guess what, skin care has nothing to do with age! What is it all about? Understand what your skin is asking you to do. Every skin is unique. Your skin probably needs something completely different than the skin of your mother, sister or friend. The needs of your skin change every day.

Beware of pirates on the coast

Stress, temperature fluctuations, age, environmental influences,... Numerous factors leave a mark on your skin. It is therefore not unusual that your skin suddenly feels drier, is more sensitive or shows more wrinkles.

Our skin is actually under a lot of pressure. We all have modern skin that is constantly attacked by harmful external influences.

Think of:

  • Air pollution: particulate matter and other polluting air particles adhere to your skin and affect the protective skin barrier
  • UV radiation: UVA rays put pressure on the elasticity of skin fibers and thus cause premature skin aging. UVB rays burn your skin.
  • Stress: stress hormones such as cortisol increase sebum production and make your skin more sensitive to pimples and other skin problems.
  • Blue light: causes your skin to age faster and can cause pigment spots, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dry air: removes much-needed moisture from your skin.

Never before have so many people suffered from skin irritations, sensitivity, redness, itching, flaking and (chronic) skin problems. And even if your skin feels healthy, external stressors can make it more susceptible to reaction.

Your skin needs nourishing products with pure, honest ingredients that do not trigger sensitivity. Give your skin the opportunity to optimally protect itself and recover naturally.

The secret to keeping your skin in top shape

My ultimate care tip? Check the condition of your skin every day. Take a moment to think about how she feels and treat her to a portion of love, attention and appropriate care.

With pure, honest care products you work from within on a healthy glow. And you see that from the outside.

The complete SELF range contains the power boosters Macadamia , Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. All contain a high percentage of active ingredients such as: vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids... those

  • to intensely nourish the skin
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
  • restore the moisture balance
  • stimulating collagen and elastin
  • restore the horn layer...

Do you want to get to know SELF ? Then the Facial Discovery starter package is really something for you! This test set contains four of our facial extractors in a mini size. This way you can test the products and let your skin get used to them.

Do you have additional questions about your skin or our products? You can always contact us by email ( or leave a message on Whatsapp (0470 21 99 87).

Love, Team SELF

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