Is oogcrème nodig?

Is an eye cream necessary?

Is an eye cream necessary?

The perfume store has many products. Purifiers, tonics, essences, serums, day cream, night cream, masks, eye creams,… This makes it not easy to choose! The main question: what is really necessary? An eye cream, is that necessary?

Take care of the vulnerable skin around the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. Skin aging is often firstly noticeable around the eyes. That makes a good care of the skin around the eyes very necessary. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy an eye cream.

Commercial marketing ploys?

Eye creams are often sold with many promises. The miraculously disappearance of puffiness, circles, weak skin,… But don’t let yourself get deceived: eye creams are no miracle cures!

The most important part is that you take good care of the skin around the eyes with mild products without nasties! The skin around your eyes especially needs antioxidants and skin repairing ingredients.

What is better to avoid? Various bad ingredients, the things that are bad for your face, you can better not apply them to the skin around your eyes. Choose things that are as clean, mild and natural as possible. Avoid perfume or other nasties!

So what can you use?

You should think like this: the things that are good enough for the skin around my eyes, I’ll use that for the remaining part of my face. You could better focus on a mild, clean day cream which you’ll also apply to the skin around the eyes than an expensive eye cream full of empty promises.

It is very important not to forget to wear sunscrean on the skin around your eyes. UVA radiation is very bad for the vulnerable skin of your eyes. And don’t forget sunglasses!

So how should i treat my dark circles or puffiness?

Are you experiencing puffiness? Maybe that’s because you have accumulations of fat cells beneath your eyes… no existing eye cream can solve this problem. The only thing that can make a difference is an eye correction. Do you suffer from puffiness because of fluid retention or not enough sleep? In that case, the solution is easy: sleep more, less alcohol and less salt!

Do these dark circles annoy you? Then you have to make sure you drink sufficient water! In addition to that, i would especially recommend sufficient sun protection.


That’s why SELF has no seperate eye cream. I sometimes get the question, but the creams of SELF, like our All Day Dreamer day cream and All Night Starlight, are full of active components and the cream is so mild for the skin that you can perfectly use our moisturizers for the skin around the eyes. The only thing you need after your moisturizer is a high SPF sun protection against skin aging UVA radiance.

Especially consider choosing mild, clean products and nothing can go wrong!