Laat de zon je niet ouder maken!

Don't let the sun make you older!

Finally the sun is here! Isn't it wonderful to relax on a terrace, garden or by the sea, preferably with a nice drink, some music... a great day... until you stand in front of the mirror in the evening and you may not see as brown as you had hoped, but… BAM… RED! … Sound familiar?

UV – wat?
UV-A has a very long frequency and reaches the earth very easily. It is the form that causes the least damage, but can be annoying if you are exposed to it for too long.
UV-B is largely blocked by the atmosphere, the ozone layer and the clouds. But when we have a bright blue sky, a large part of these rays do reach the earth. This form of UV rays is the biggest cause of skin burns and skin cancer.
UV-C rays are the most powerful, if we were exposed to them it would have major consequences. But fortunately these do not reach our earth!

Oh dear, a red skin...!
Red skin indicates that our skin has been exposed too much to UV rays and that rest & recovery is necessary. The redness is caused by the blood vessels dilating, the skin will lose moisture and become dehydrated, making it tight.

But a tanned skin is not better!
If our skin is exposed to the sun, the skin will try to adapt by thickening the top layer of skin or by pigmentation (= tanning). Tanning the skin is therefore a natural protection of our skin to prevent UV rays from penetrating even deeper into the skin and damaging our DNA.

Help, I am losing my color!
Burning may possibly have caused cancer-causing cells. Our body wants to remove these damaged cells. That is why the cells are broken down as quickly as possible, which can sometimes cause you to pull very large sheets off your skin. The new skin layer is underneath!

Skin aging?
The UV radiation breaks down the elastin in your skin. This causes the skin to lose its elasticity. She can look very brown but with many wrinkles... seen that before, right? Elastin is produced by the skin to maintain suppleness; as you get older, you produce less of it. If you are in the sun often and for a long time, the elastin is destroyed by the UV rays, causing the skin to age much faster than normal.

Burned, and now?

  • If you are burned, it is best to get out of the sun as soon as possible.
  • Drinking plenty of water is important to prevent dehydration.
  • Are you badly burned? Cool the skin with cold compresses. It is also best to take a painkiller to help reduce redness, swelling and pain.
  • Do not simply apply a greasy layer of cream, because it lies on the skin and prevents the heat from escaping from the skin. Instead, use a nourishing cream that will care for and nourish the skin and is deeply absorbed.
  • Aloe Vera alone is not enough, your skin needs more!

Why apply sunscreen after sun exposure, even if you are not burned?
The sun forms free radicals in your skin that can lead to skin aging and skin cancer. It is best to get rid of the presence of free radicals as quickly as possible. Applying a cream with antioxidants is a must! Furthermore, it is very important to restore your skin barrier, deeply nourish the skin and keep your moisture levels high. If you don't do this, the skin will become drier, lose elasticity and show wrinkles.

Which after sun to use?
An aftersun is nothing special. A good after-sun is actually a very nourishing cream. The average after-sun contains too few nourishing and healing ingredients. So pay close attention to what you buy. Any lotion or butter that contains a large amount of active ingredients is a good after-sun! Look at the ingredients!

Is the Fine Delicate body butter a good after-sun?
Due to the numerous active ingredients in combination with the 100% natural formula, our SELF products will restore the skin barrier, good hydration, cooling of the skin and deep protection through the antioxidant effect. Our Fine Delicate is a perfect butter that you can use all year round, but is also ideal if you have spent a day in the sun. You can use the butter for the whole family. The powerful effect of Shea, Macadamia, Cocos, Argan and Aloe Vera will give the skin the care it needs, significantly reducing the risk of skin aging or skin cancer!

If you order our Fine Delicate butter now, you will receive samples of our All Day Dreamer (day cream) so that your face is also optimally cared for during the summer months!

I wish you a very nice vacation!!

Summer greetings