Mooi zwanger: pure verzorging voor mama en baby

Beautiful and pregnant: pure care for mommy and baby

Finally you can share the fantastic news… You’re expecting a baby! Such a special time in your life and it feels like a miracle too good to be true. That your body will go through some changes speaks for itself: hormones will play a big part and they can make it difficult for you. It’s a huge emotional rollercoaster, little things annoy you more and you’ll surprise yourself with your reaction to it. Yeah, been there, done that!

But next the intensity of emotions, pregnancy also has a big influence on your skin, hair and nails. Treat yourself during and after the pregnancy with healthy skin care products, because giving yourself these moments is very important, you’ll need it more than ever!


What changes will your skin go through?

You’ll hear a lot about the famous pregnancy glow and it’s a long wait to find out if you’ll be blessed with a healthy glow. Because of an increased amount of blood in the skin, this causes that beautiful blush and that’s how the pregnancy glow is born. But let’s be honest, the majority of future mom’s won’t be blessed with a good and clear skin.

In fact, the hormone changes cause a few pesky issues. You may start experiencing couperose, pigmentation, melasma, acne and dry, itchy skin. It’s annoying but you can fix it! I’d advice starting every day with a natural and mild care to ease the symptoms.


Natural care for mom

By paying enough attention to your body you can conquer several pregnancy discomforts. The restless skin should be soothed with mild and natural care, but a healthy lifestyle is important as well.

Unfortunately there are a lot of claims that certain skin care products are fully natural but only contain a small amount of natural ingredients. If you want to be sure your product is 100 natural, check if the label ‘100% natural’ is used. Products are only allowed to use this label if they are in fact completely natural.


Avoid synthetic ingredients

Know what you’re using, ingredients are absorbed by the skin. That’s why you should choose natural and mild care as synthetic substances are a no go for your little miracle. Avoid perfumes, synthetic colors, parabens and other chemical additives.

But look out: natural doesn’t always mean better, there are natural ingredients that could cause irritations. I wrote a blog about this subject:



SELF: healthy nourishment for your skin

Every type of skin needs nourishment, the products by SELF are safe for moms and babies. Each product contains argan, shea butter, coconut, aloe vera, macadamia and mandarin & geranium oils. They form a formidable team that enhance each other’s effects. They’re antibacterial and have a rejuvenating and protective effect. By having a daily care routine you can minimize complaints and irritations.

For the sensitive facial skin
Those teenage years are behind you and so is that acne, but then it just comes back. Pregnancy acne is caused by the hormone progesterone. The tallow glands will increase its production and mingle with dead skin cells, which leads to pores being clogged.

The restless and dry skin is best purified with a mild facial cleanser. The Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion by SELF is a mild cleansing milk with multiple effects: it removes bacteria and impurities. Twice a week you should scrub with the Boost of Oxygen Facial Scrub, the grains of rice remove dead skin cells whilst the pure oils provide your skin with nutrition. Gone are the days of grey skins and say hello to a healthy skin!

In the mornings and evenings you can use the All Day Dreamer day cream and All Night Starlight night cream. the creams restore the moisture balance and protect the skin against harmful external influences. Because your skin is even more sensitive during pregnancy, these protective ingredients are crucial.

For the itchy, dry skin
During pregnancy you may experience more itching and dryness. In this case it’s best to use a hydrating cream both in the mornings and evenings. You may have heard of striae, meaning the skin stretches and resulting in stretch marks. You want to avoid this at all costs, so pay a little extra attention to your belly and sides as these are the areas stretch marks will show.

Keep your skin flexible and hydrated with moisturising and softening products. Our Fine Delicate Body Butter melts on your skin and restores it. You only need a little layer to make your skin silky soft. Tip: add a spoonful or two of our Fine Deluxe Bodyscrub to a warm bath. The salts and pure oils nourish the skin.


Caring for the little ones

Congratulations, your baby is finally here and his/her skin is silky smooth. Of course you’d love to keep it this way! A baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive. Mild is a must, so pick natural products that are completely safe for babies. And SELF products will fit in your baby bag. 🙂

Unfortunately a lot of baby products are regular products in a cute package. The baby skin should, in no circumstances, be exposed to synthetic scents or artificial colors. Luckily the products by SELF are completely safe for babies! And the extra fun part is: both mommy and baby can use them. The body butter offers nourishment for the sensitive skin and feel free to add a spoon of body scrub to the baby’s bath, there’s nothing better!


Test the products

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