SELF steunt Pink Ribbon en alle Heroes

SELF supports Pink Ribbon and all Heroes

October isn’t just the fresh start of Fall, but it’s the month that signifies the start of the international breast cancer month. This is the time of the year when we shine the spotlight on breast cancer awareness. An important initiative considering that about 1 out of 8 women is confronted with this disease at some point in their lives. Ever since 2006 Pink Ribbon has been working towards more sensibilisation, trying to encourage women of all ages to get themselves screened and to improve the quality of life for everyone suffering from this disease. A wonderful initiative everyone here at SELF can fully support! So that’s why we’re organising a month filled with actions in honor of Pink Ribbon and all Heroes.

Ribbon campaign from the 8th to the 14th of October

Starting from the second week of October the well known Pink Ribbons will be available with us. Each year Pink Ribbon collaborates with a well known artist for the design of the ribbon, for example Edouard Vermeulen, jewellery designs Christa Reniers and flowers artist Nele Ost have poured their creativity into previous editions of the Pink Ribbon. This year’s designs will be Raf Simons, who incorporated the word ‘Heroes’ into the design. With Heroes he wanted to honor each and every woman battling against this disease and everyone involved suffering from the consequences of this battle.

Here at SELF we want to show our support to those strong Heroes, that’s why everyone will receive a pink ribbon with every order above 60 euros and all the proceeds will be donated to Pink Ribbon!


The story of Verena

Besides our ribbon campaign we wanted to do something a little more personal in the 3rd week of October. Breast cancer is a dramatic event in the life of any woman, support and understanding is a crucial element at this point. So we had an inspiring conversation with Verena Troch, one of the strong women that had the misfortune to be confronted with the disease.

You can read all about her story on our blog and discover going through hard times can leave you stronger than before. She is a true source of inspiration for many and is an excellent example of the willpower to rid the world of this horrible disease. With this conversation we want to show our support to anyone dealing with this struggle.

SELF Pink Monday

Going back to work after overcoming breast cancer requires a lot of courage. You want to pick up where you left of and that can only be achieved when you receive the full support and understanding of your company and coworkers. That’s why Pink Ribbon launched ‘Pink Monday’, hoping to encourage companies to dedicate one Monday in October to wear the ribbon. Any other pink clothing item or pink breakfast is a lovely gesture to show your company supports this initiative. This way they hope to make the re-integrations process easier for everyone.

And everyone at SELF is fully behind this idea! We’re starting our own SELF Pink Monday, obviously using our pink jars, but everyone in the SELF team will be filled with pride when donning the Pink Ribbon! Are you joining us? You can find more information on Pink Monday right over here:

Skin care and breast cancer

We’ll be closing October with some skin care advice. When you first receive that horrible news, your world just collapses. Skin care is one of the last things on your mind, but the correct care can help combat some of the consequences of this disease.

Chemotherapy doesn’t just mean hair loss, it has a negative impact on your skin as well. Extra sensitivity, dryness and flaking skin are several of the problems. So it’s important to care for your skin before, during and after this difficult period, using mild products.

Do you have any other questions regarding breast cancer? In that case you can visit Pink Ribbon’s website: You can find nearly everything there is to know about the disease and the importance of the month October. And if you have any questions regarding skin care, you can always send me a mail at!