Vervuiling, de nieuwe boosdoener!

Pollution, the new culprit!

That unhealthy food, alcohol, smoking, stress and the sun are major culprits for healthy skin is something that more and more people realize and take into account. But a new culprit is increasingly coming to the fore: air pollution!

The sun is and remains our biggest opponent when it comes to keeping your skin beautiful, young and healthy. The damage the sun can do to your skin is unrelenting. Fortunately, we can protect ourselves against it and we don't walk in full sun every day.

Something we are confronted with every day is air pollution. Emissions from cars, smog, dirt in the air, ... yuck! These are all bad external influences that will affect your skin.


Cleaning your skin properly is a must! Have you ever been to a big city like New York, Paris or Tokyo? My experience is that if I cleanse my skin in the evening after a whole day of shopping in New York, for example, much more dirt is removed than after a normal day here in Belgium. Logically, such a big city is home to even more air pollution of course! Air can be contaminated by, among other things: soot, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides... all kinds of things from traffic and our industry. Cleaning is therefore a step that you should absolutely never skip!

TIP : cleaning should not be too aggressive or drying for your skin, because then you will damage your natural protective layer. So clean in a gentle way and that is possible with the Self cleaner!

Since our skin is always in direct contact with the air we live in, it is essential to protect your skin and build a strong skin barrier! How do you do that? By using the right skincare! It is very important that you use skincare packed with antioxidants, which combat free radicals and therefore make your skin stronger and healthier. This way, air pollution has less chance to affect your skin.

TIP : Our day cream is packed with good ingredients that will strengthen your skin barrier so that free radicals cannot attack your skin. This cream also contains a moderate SPF that protects you against daily external influences!

We will undoubtedly hear more and more about how air pollution is a culprit for your skin, but now you are prepared!