Zo maak je een geweldige eerste indruk!

This is how you make a great first impression!

How do you make the best possible first impression? A good first impression is the start you hope for when getting to know someone new! And that is something I have already trained some people in. That's why I'm giving you my three best tips! Apply them for that first conversation with your possible future boss, and keep them in mind when you meet your loved one's parents for the first time.


Think a little longer about your outfit! Choose something that makes you feel powerful yet comfortable. You don't have to wear your highest heels, but choose something that you really feel good in and that is still appropriate given the occasion. A well-groomed look will of course immediately score points, both with the future mother-in-law and with the Human Resources Manager for that dream job of yours!


Every contact starts with a greeting. Smile! A warm, sincere smile works wonders! Even if you are nervous or not really looking forward to this appointment, a smile is a good start to a meeting. Smile and greet your contact in a positive, open manner and look the person in the eye! If possible, also give a strong handshake!


An open posture is more important than you think! A big no-no is crossed arms or a slouched position. Sit straight and do not cross your arms and point your body directly towards the person you are talking to. Leaning a little towards the person is always the best way to show your interest!

Three simple tips that you can apply for your next first appointment! Good luck darlings!