Zo start je het jaar goed!

That's how you start the year off right!

Good intentions have been made, new goals have been set. But did you know that most good intentions fail after 14 days? Oopsie! Of course that should not be the intention. Do you even make good intentions? I wanna know! Whether you do it or not, with these 3 tips you will start the year well!


Of course it goes without saying that I am a big believer in a good portion of love yourSELF and me-time! But keep in mind, it goes much further than spoiling yourself every now and then with a moment of relaxation for yourself, running a warm bath or spending an afternoon doing what you want. Put yourself first in other ways too. Live the life you want. Or do your utmost to achieve that life. And don't start it later, tomorrow or later... when you have time... no, do it now! Focus on yourself. Don't think about what people would want from you, think about how you see it. Dare to say no every now and then. Be honest with yourself! You have the power to shape your life!


Well, I'm guessing that many of you have a goal or intention: exercise more! Maybe lose a few pounds, simply get in better shape or build some muscle! Recognizable? Well, tip tip tip! Make it a habit to exercise in the morning. Morning has gold in the mouth is a cliché, but a saying that is completely true! Even if it's fifteen minutes of jumping jacks or you prefer a long endurance run, do it in the morning and you'll have a great start to EVERY day! I'm going to try it, erhm, really! 🙂


A tidy house is a tidy mind, or so they say. And I think there is a lot of truth in that. Imagine your house, room or apartment with clutter everywhere. A mountain of dishes, dirty clothes, clutter everywhere. Now imagine your place all neat and tidy! Yes, that will immediately make you feel a lot better! A tip to gradually achieve a cleaner house is to throw away something every day that you no longer need. You'll see, throwing away 1 thing every day turns out to be a LOT of junk after a month that is no longer in your house! Hurrah!

With these three tips you will undoubtedly start the year well. I'm curious to see how 2017 will progress!