4 mythes over de vette huid doorprikt

4 myths about oily skin debunked

A shiny T-zone, pimples that pop up at every opportunity, unsightly black dots on your nose and chin... Oily skin can be very annoying. It's not just teenagers who suffer from it. People in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties can also have to deal with it. You too? I'd love to tell you how to approach it.

Glowing skin, a pimple... just when that important appointment is on the agenda. To compress! If it's any consolation, you're not the only adult with uneven skin. Impure skin occurs at all ages. This skin lacks nutrition, causing it to become out of balance and produce extra sebum (the fat that keeps the skin supple). When sebum builds up and mixes with dirt and dead skin cells, the pores become clogged. Bacteria love to proliferate in clogged pores and cause pimples. Oily, acne-prone skin can have several causes. Our fluctuating hormone levels, to name just one. This not only causes our mood to dip below freezing a few days a month (and we smuggle in kilos of chocolate), but also affects your skin. There are many misconceptions about how to best care for oily skin. I would like to list a few:

Myth: Oily skin needs harsh cleansers

Hoping to get rid of oily skin and annoying pimples once and for all with a strong cleanser? Do not! Did you know that many people suffer from skin problems because they use products that are too aggressive? Healthy skin starts with good cleansing. A cleanser is perhaps the most important step in your skin care. But... cleansers that are too aggressive can damage your skin and stimulate sebum production in the oilier areas. The result? Dry, dull and irritated skin, sometimes even with pimples. So ignore those aggressive ones and opt for a mild cleaner. It removes bacteria and excess sebum without damaging or drying out your skin.

TIP: choose a non-foaming cleanser. They contain fewer harmful detergents and are therefore less likely to cause irritation. A mild cleanser cleans right down to the pores, but does not leave an unpleasant, tight feeling. Does your skin feel tight after washing? Then your product is probably too intense for your skin.

TIP 2 : Our gentle Boost of Freshness cleansing milk has a multifunctional effect. It removes make-up and other impurities without damaging or drying out your skin barrier and nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully soft. 100% safe, even on the delicate, thinner skin around the eyes and the most sensitive skin.

TIP 3 : Combine the SELF Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion with the SELF Konjac sponge for intense cleansing without damaging your skin! A match made in heaven!

Myth: Oily skin has an excess of nutrients

Oily areas indicate an overproduction of sebum and may be the result of a nutrient deficiency. In addition to a gentle, natural cleansing milk , your skin also needs a nourishing day cream. With the right daily care, you work from within to healthy skin and keep problems under control as much as possible. Do not use aggressive products with chemicals or a high dose of alcohol. They put even more pressure on your fragile skin. Your skin needs rich, moisturizing products that restore balance and the skin's natural protective layer.

Myth: vigorous scrubbing works for acne

Exfoliating helps to gently tackle the abnormal keratinization of the upper layer of the skin. But this also applies here: treat your skin with gentleness. Oily, acne-prone skin is very vulnerable. Any damage to the outer protective layer can cause skin problems to flare up again. Tackling your sensitive skin with a coarse abrasive is really not a good idea. Exfoliating too much and too aggressively often worsens acne complaints. One or two gentle scrubs per week is sufficient! Use the Boost or Oxygen Facial Scrub , a mild and natural facial scrub based on rice grains. Also give your skin time to get used to this new routine, it needs to recover from within and get used to natural ingredients.

Myth: Oily skin requires a complicated multi-step plan

Serum, toner, anti-acne product, eye cream, primer, firming cream, natural facelift, depigmenting cream…. No matter what you think of it, there is a product for it. Guess what: you really don't need most of these spreads. Even more, your skin doesn't like that overdose of products at all. A mild moisturizing cream with the right ingredients provides your skin with the necessary nutrients. Keep it simple!

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What's in it? The kit consists of facial care products that fight dirt and give your skin that deserved glow: Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion, Boost of Oxygen Facial Scrub, All-Day Dreamer Day Cream and Boost of Softness Konjac Sponge Black

TIP: you can also use our products around your eyes. This will not only save you money, but also a lot of space in your bathroom cabinets.

A few more tips:

  • Be kind to your skin: Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing it dry and nourish it daily with a rich cream. Protect your skin extra well when you go swimming, in extreme cold or in a lot of sun.
  • Clean your face after exercise: Sweat is the ideal habitat for bacteria! Always use a clean washcloth and towel to clean your face.
  • Never go to bed without cleansing your face: Want to crawl into bed with makeup on? Hopefully I don't have to tell you anymore that it is an absolute no-go. And yet research shows that twenty percent of women do not remove their mascara. Brrr!! It's simple: not cleansing your skin increases the risk of problems such as pimples. Also cleanse your skin in the morning. After all, your skin excretes a lot of waste products at night that have penetrated during the day.

I hope these tips bring you closer to your dream skin. Questions or doubts? Let me know! I love nothing more than helping you on your way to a healthy glow!