1.Everyone is busy these days. But at Self we attach a lot of attention to me-time! Do you plan enough time for yourself and how do you arrange the puzzle of work, family and me-time?

Good question! And especially a difficult puzzle in my case. With 2 small children (1 year and 5 years) and an irregular agenda (many presentations in the evening or at the weekend), it is literally a puzzle to find the right balance. Yet I find that a challenge that gives me energy and satisfaction.

For me, Self means spending quality time with the kids. During busy periods I sometimes have to miss them several evenings a week, a day of wellness, a lunch with friends, sports, sports and oh yes, sports! Great, my mind is at zero, I can sweat out all the stress and work on my fitness while spending time with friends! It rarely happens: just spend an evening curled up on the couch, with a nice piece of chocolate, a mask on my face and a movie on: boring! But honestly... I'm a social animal! The busier the better!

2. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn in life. What advice would you give to your younger self?

  • surround yourself with the right people

  • above all, do (in terms of work) what you like to do!

  • always be yourself, don't blindly follow trends or do things because that's how it should be

  • Spend a lot of time with freezing / enjoyment

  • back straight, shoulders straight, chin up and ju! Be grateful that you have the opportunity to walk this earth. Even though life sometimes has unpleasant things in store for you!

  • Take care of yourself: inside and out: healthy mind in a healthy body.

3. What is your ultimate favorite address in Belgium!

Oooooh, I have a lot!!

  • for my hair: Twins in Hasselt: a young dynamic twin with a beautiful salon

  • for my care? Pure at Sofie Gérimont. By the way, she works with 'Self'. So it couldn't be better.

  • I always go to MarLeBeau Hasselt for my gel nails and care of hands and feet

  • Wellness: Chateau des Thermes Chaudfontaine

  • Restaurant: Casa Paglia at/of La Posta Genk

4. How are you doing with your ambition? On fleek? Which goals are at the top of your priority list in 2018?

I don't have any specific goals for 2018. I'm super happy with what I have now. Many fun presentation assignments at home and abroad. Put me on a stage with a microphone and I'm happy.

I have a fantastic family, a great husband and a great group of friends. So I still want fun things with my children, city trips & dinners with friends, sports, etc...

So just copy-paste from 2017 😉

5. Oh, you meet a genie-in-a-bottle and you get three wishes. They always say that you shouldn't reveal your wishes, but let's make an exception for once. What are your three wishes?

1) cliché, but first of all good health, especially for my children and loved ones!

2) money doesn't buy happiness? No, but I would share it and enjoy it a little more: in my old age that is 😉

3) that I can continue to do my work and presentation assignments for a long time to come!

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