Be good to your skin!

Be good to your skin!

You now know that the natural oils in skin care products are essential to nourish our skin, keep it healthy and young. You come across these natural ingredients more and more in care products. SELF has gone beyond adding a single oil, SELF is simply one piece of superfood! The nutritious substances have a firming effect on the skin cells, they are perfect for preventing skin deterioration and reducing wrinkles.

How do you optimally use these products for your body care?!

Scrubbing ?!

SELF has designed a vitalizing scrub based on minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. The sea salt removes dead skin cells and other imperfections so that the skin receives oxygen again, at the same time the oils and minerals provide optimal care for the new skin. The Fine Deluxe body scrub stimulates microcirculation and provides silky soft and revitalized skin. It is suitable for all skin types due to its mild grain, moisturizing power and nourishing oils. The scrub is perfect for sensitive skin!

When do you use it?
If your skin is dry, old and has less shine, exfoliating is definitely recommended! But exfoliating is not only good for our skin, it stimulates our blood circulation and reduces stress. It is best to exfoliate twice a week.

How do you use it?
The Fine Deluxe body scrub should be used on damp skin. It is ideal to use in the shower. Make sure you don't slip because the sea salt is mixed into the nourishing oils.

  1. Moisten the skin.
  2. Mix the scrub before use so that it is mixed with the oil
  3. Take a generous amount on your hands and apply to your wet skin.
  4. Distribute the scrub over the body with circular, slow movements.
  5. Rinse well

    Do not use this scrub on the face. For this you use our Boost or Oxygen .

De Fine Delicate Body Butter?
To complete the care of your skin after scrubbing, you can use the Fine Delicate body butter that will nourish and protect your skin. It is better to rub your body with a body butter every day. The Fine Delicate has an enormously nourishing effect due to the superfoods. It is absorbed very quickly and hydrates and repairs the skin. You will soon notice the effect!!

When do you use it??
You can use Fine Delicate body butter as often as you want. Especially when you get out of the shower or bath. Then your skin needs extra hydration. You can also use this after being in the sun because it contains a large portion of Aloe Vera!

How do you use it??
Take some Fine Delicate in your hands and gently rub your body. If you use circular movements when applying, you will also stimulate blood circulation and activate cell metabolism. The Body Butter will then penetrate faster and deeper into the skin for an even better effect!

Enjoy the delicious SELF products and be happy with the results! You will love it!