Corona-cocoonen: extra aandacht voor jezelf én je lichaam

Corona cocoons: extra attention for yourself and your body

Corona: we cannot ignore it. For the first time, the virus is also very close to us. Wash hands more often, keep your distance, don't touch your face, use disposable tissues... We know the drill. And fortunately!

At SELF we also have an antibacterial gel available as standard today. Normally you wouldn't catch us doing that, but health comes first, so we do everything we can to outsmart sickening virus particles.

Yet we do not forget our skin either. Because right now she needs our extra attention.

My tips in a row:

First wash, then apply cream

Do your hands feel dry and tight? To compensate for the drying effect of antibacterial gels, I lubricate my hands with a nourishing cream after washing. Our Fine Delicate Body Butter is packed with natural superfoods and helps restore the moisture balance of your skin.

Tip: Our Body Mini Duo kit contains the SELF body butter in a handy travel size (in addition to the body scrub (30ml) and my little SELF bag). This way you always have your favorite moisturizing cream with you.

Hydrate your face

Do you also find it so difficult not to touch your face? Especially if your skin feels dry, sensitive or irritated, it is a natural reflex that is difficult to unlearn. Give your skin the nourishment it needs. This way you work on healthy skin and you will automatically have less urge to scratch quickly. Our All Day Dreamer day cream contains only the most nourishing natural ingredients that intensely hydrate your skin and protect it against harmful external influences. Together with our All Night Starlight night cream, it forms the perfect skin combo! Is your care ritual not quite right? Now is the time to pay extra attention to it.

Boost your immune system

Not only what you put on your skin is important, what you put in your body also has a major impact. On your skin quality and on your general health. Include enough fruit and vegetables on the menu so that you get the necessary building blocks such as zinc and vitamin C. Vitamin C ensures the proper functioning of white blood cells and thus plays an important role in your immune system.

Keep calm

Fear and anxiety are normal feelings. We all suffer from it sometimes. But unfortunately they don't help us move forward. Try to keep a cool head. Take care of yourself, literally and figuratively. Dare to put yourself first. Find peace and conviviality with your family. Now that schools are closing and public life is at a standstill, slowing down might not be such a bad idea.

What do you do to keep your skin healthy? Let me know!