Dit was onze allereerste SELF shoot!

Our very first SELF shoot!

A while ago we sent out a call for a photoshoot. But we weren’t looking for professional models, no we were looking for women of all ages that used SELF products. Let’s be honest: isn’t featuring women that truly back a brand more refreshing? Every woman has her own reasoning and story behind using our products and we feel that adds to the beauty of our products! Everyone at SELF isn’t a fan of the ‘plastic’ world, as we feel every woman is beautiful as she is!

We didn’t want a picture perfect shoot but we wanted to show authenticity and capture the true beauty of women. The results: an afternoon filled with wonder, smiles, beautiful women all around us and some amazing pictures! Today we’ll be showing you our very first behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes

Our shoot took place in a characteristic little terraced house in the heart of Antwerp. A beautiful location, filled with natural light flowing through the broad windows, where we hosted our models to a bubbly drink and tasty bite. After a little chat we invited them to take place in our makeup chair where my lovely friend Tinne from Make-up Your Mind did what she does best. She chose to go with an all natural look, emphasizing the true beauty of our ladies. Then it was time for our photographer, Dorothee Dubois, to work her magic. The beauty of her pure photos never failed to bring a smile to my face!

After our shoot I had the honor to have a conversation with Verena, one strong lady that took me on her journey battling against cancer. The entire month of October is dedicated to International Breast Cancer Prevention Month and all of us at SELF want to show our support with various actions for every woman, man or child going through these difficult times.


A heartfelt thank you!

I can’t express how much I enjoyed meeting everyone in real life! One element of SELF I feel is incredibly important is creating a genuine bond with our clients. So to see everyone being so motivated was so heartwarming to me. A genuine and heartfelt thank you to all of our models, Tinne for the beautiful makeup and Dorothee & Elien for the wonderful photography & video! Are you curious to see the day in pictures? We’d love to show you a little sneak peek!

It was an absolutely lovely afternoon and I am nothing but grateful for this amazing photoshoot. If we’re lucky, the future will hold more photoshoots so stay tuned!

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