Een nieuwe SELF-traditie in de maak

A new SELF tradition in the making

You've probably already heard it: in January we organized our very first SELF Soirée. It was magical! Dozens of SELF lovers warmed our hearts with their positive vibes and infectious laughs. And that with a nice glass and snack. Could it be any more fun?

I really enjoyed getting to know our customers even better and introducing them to #TeamSELF. Because one thing is certain: the most special thing about SELF is YOU: the wonderful SELF-lovers who are part of this adventure and together form a great community.

Our SELF Soirée also reminded me of how I started SELF years ago, from an ambitious dream. A dream to make a difference for modern skin, which is increasingly having to endure it, with my own 100% vegan care line. A dream starring my daughter Michelle. A dream that cost me blood, sweat and tears, but which I have not regretted for a second.

At SELF we believe that anything is possible if you work hard enough and believe in it. Life is too short to let your dreams go cold.

To encourage SELF lovers to pursue their dreams, we are setting up a new tradition: our dream wall. At the SELF Soirée we asked everyone to put all their mini and maxi desires on our dream board.

Because no matter how big or small, every dream is worth pursuing. And SELF wouldn't be SELF if we didn't lend a helping hand...

At the end of the evening, #TeamSELF selected three dreams that immediately charmed us. These three top players will see one of their dreams come true this year:

  • Regularly receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your home
  • A wellness moment with all her besties
  • A radiant look on her 50th birthday

Making others happy makes us happy. This tradition already leaves us wanting more. Would you like to be there next time and share your dreams with us? The next SELF Soirée is planned for the spring. Further information will follow soon!

Do you definitely want to be there? Then reserve your spot here . The number of places is limited. First come, first served!

See you soon?