Een stralende huid van binnenuit!

A radiant skin from the inside out!

Beautiful skin does not only depend on your skincare, although it does help, especially if you also pay attention to the ingredients in your products. Natural beauty such as SELF will care for your skin in a safe way without ingredients that are harmful to your skin.

But you also get beautiful skin through a healthy lifestyle: enough sleep, hydration and exercise are necessary. It is best to avoid stress and your food can also help you with this!


Of course, super healthy for your body, also super healthy for your skin! Vegetables such as kale get a lot of vitamins from them and you will also see that in your skin.


If you follow some bloggers or are an avid Instagrammer, you can't ignore it: everyone is avocadocrazy and rightly so!! Toast with avocado and a poached egg has become a tasty classic. And do you want healthy snacks? Then it's best to grab some nuts! And I don't mean the paprika devilish nuts, but rather think of walnuts!


Packed with healthy fibers and antioxidants and therefore very good for your skin: blueberries! Very tasty to add to your breakfast yogurt! Or also nice as a snack in between. Just take a container with you to work and nibble on something in between. This way you satisfy your hunger and you are very healthy!


Alternate a layer of fresh red fruits with Greek Yogurt. Finish with roasted almonds, which are rich in healthy fats. Do you like something sweeter? Then a spoonful of honey is ideal! One bowl like this contains the necessary proteins, fibers, antioxidants and heart-stimulating fats, isn't that great?!