Een terugblik op al dat moois in 2018

A look back on all the good things from 2018

I can hardly believe it, a new year has dawned! And with the new year, new resolutions are standard. Let’s be honest here: I’m not good at these at all. Resolutions don’t last long with me and they’re quickly replaced by the old ones I couldn’t keep. But if there’s one thing I’m going to pay more attention to in 2019 it’s enjoying life. And that could be anything: enjoying the little things, quality time with the family, in short: really enjoying!

I’ve got some great plans for 2019, yet I can’t help but look back at the previous year. Because all those good moments will stick with me forever! The best ones? I’ll be happy to share them with you.

Golden moments for SELF

SELF in Leeuwenkuil

It might be possible you’ve spotted SELF on television. The producers of a tv station asked me if I wanted take part in a new show and after thinking about it, I eventually agreed. Being on these shows isn’t really for me, but it was a wonderful opportunity! In Leeuwenkuil I presented SELF to several Belgian entrepreneurs, so exciting! They were even interested in investing in SELF! After considering all the factors, I decided not to accept the offer. Everything on it’s own time and I felt I made the right choice.

The very first SELF-shoot!

A while ago we went looking for models, not real models but authentic women that used SELF products. Because honestly: isn’t it better to see the customers behind the brand? This way we could highlight the real beauty of all women and that’s exactly what we did! The result? Wonderful photographs, a lovely afternoon and a lot of great visuals.

Team SELF grew bigger

In 2019 the SELF team grew bigger with Svenja. Our team consists of only women and that makes it so much more enjoyable on the floor. Together with Emmy and myself, Svenja makes sure all our packages are wrapped with love and make it to you safe and whole. The more the merrier! Web Awards, Knack Weekend Awards

It’s always an exciting time when SELF gets nominated for an award, and in 2018 I even received two! I was chosen as Everyday Heroine by Knack Weekend and Marie jo, you can read more about it over here.

Besides those, I also received the Rising Star Award during the .eu Web Award, what an honor! This competition was brought to life to create more awareness around the most innovative and promising businesses.


All those appearances in the press and on television

2018 was filled with leaps of joy. Whenever I looked through magazines and came across SELF it really gave me a kick! SELF was also on television, on different channels, I still can’t believe it.

Lovely feedback, mails and review

The things I value most? All the lovely feedback, mails and review our customers leave us. I get so many wonderful stories and messages, and it fills me with joy! SELF is no longer only my daughters story, but a story of you, me and all the other ladies.


I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for a wonderful year! Thank you for the feedback, the support and your orders. Let’s make 2019 a wonderful year together as well, filled with SELF-moments!